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Spam "war" double eleven "Guangdong? Lu Yu" three into the hardest hit – tech Sohu scoop November 16th news: Double eleven is netizens shopping carnival, is not to be missed for marketing businesses once a year on the day. However, moderate propaganda in the business will suffer no, is a group of innocent users. According to the recently released "2016 360 ten a Chinese online shopping safety special report" said, on November 10th, the number of spam messages 360 Mobile Phone Guardian daily interception reached a peak of 190 million times, including Guangdong, Shandong, Henan three places to become a "heavy disaster area". As can be seen from the report, the eleven day of the same day, the number of spam messages received by the user in Guangdong lead the country, accounting for up to 15.9%, more than the number of Shandong and Henan, plus the third plus. Shandong and Henan followed, with 7.6% and 7.3% in the top and bottom of the list, followed by the top three in Beijing, accounting for more than 6.4%, accounting for about $fifth in Jiangsu, with a total of $5.9% in. Figure 1:2016 double eleven period, the distribution of spam messages, double eleven approaching, the audience discount half price, are you ready?" "Double eleven, vomiting blood sale, do not buy a lifetime of regret", "11.11 big promotion, November 10th – 11 days seckill storm" such spam messages emerge in an endless stream, just delete end a received two, enough to make people a headache. However, spam messages than the nature of the fraud is even worse. In the double eleven period, all over the country also received a variety of fraudulent messages. Double eleven day, Guangdong is the largest number of provinces received fraud, accounting for up to 15.5%, followed by Beijing, Shandong, 7.1%,, Hebei,, 5.3%. One full of ambush fraud messages, once the public did not guard, it is easy to be telecommunications fraud. Today, behind a telecommunications fraud, hidden in fact is a huge and complete black industry chain. 360 security experts suggest that in any case, all messages requires the bank card money into the account of others, or ask for any verification code, need decisive ignore, encounter suspicious SMS link is not click. Once suffered telecommunications fraud, you need to dial 110 alarm. In order to better protect the mobile phone is not affected by fraud information, users can choose to install 360 mobile guards, in the effective interception of SMS fraud and fraud phone, you can also resist the Trojan attack on the phone. [network] [source: Chinese] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: