Students play mobile phone by students informer angry wrestling mobile phone disappeared yvette yates

Students play mobile phone by students "informer" angry wrestling mobile phone play missing police is to persuade Xiao Zheng Dazu police for Figure 17, the sixth grade students in a primary school in Dazu Zheng Hao (a pseudonym) with a mobile phone to school by the teacher education, he not only had a mobile phone, but also playing the missing, the police took more than 4 will he find hours. Police learned that Zheng Hao’s parents for a long time, see his son good results, on the implementation of democratic management". After the children use the money to buy a mobile phone, did not make any intervention, and finally caused the farce staged. The students were playing mobile phone "informer" students angry wrestling mobile phone 17 12 am, a primary school teacher Dazu police received the alarm, said the school the sixth grade students out of the school gate after Zheng Hao disappeared, asked the police for help. The police quickly rushed to the school after the incident, a question about Zheng Hao’s side, leaving the direction and identity information, to carry out search work. According to Zheng Hao, the teacher in charge of the class, the school banned students to bring mobile phones to school. And Wang through observation and understanding to the students, found that the class of Zheng Hao will be brought to the classroom, and in class and during the class have to play mobile games. Wang followed the classroom during the surprise checks, and found that the phone is playing Zheng Hao. Wang immediately to Zheng Hao severely criticized the education, requiring Zheng Hao turn off the phone, not allowed to bring cell phones into the school. Zheng Hao criticism of Wang’s speech was not convinced, contradict the teacher will also doubt "table lift informer" students fell to the ground, and finally even the mobile phone fell radias. The school play the missing police spent 4 hours to find him leaving Wang unexpectedly, Zheng Hao took advantage of the attention, Batui ran towards school. When the king of the teacher to the school gate, Zheng Hao has been out of the guard, disappeared in the street corner. Mr. Wang will be fed back to the school leadership, the school quickly organized personnel to find, because did not find Zheng Hao, it was reported to the police. "We didn’t see Zheng Hao. Would he have an accident?" Police learned from Zheng Hao’s grandfather, mother-in-law, after the fact that Zheng Hao did not go home. What is more serious is that Zheng Hao had threatened to commit suicide provocations. Worried about the deterioration of the situation, the police and the school staff to the school as the center of radiation lawangshi. After more than 4 hours of searching, Zheng Hao finally found a village road, and brought back to school. At present, the police communicate with Zheng Hao, he has realized that his behavior is wrong, and to the police and the teacher to ensure that no similar things, willing to return to school to learn. They use gift money to buy mobile phone parents give free police later learned that Zheng Hao’s parents work outside year round, take care of daily life by my grandfather, mother-in-law, a serious lack of family education, leading to Zheng Hao very stubborn rebellious. However, Zheng Hao’s performance is very good, the best in the class, the parents did not take the character of Zheng Hao as a big thing. Recently, Zheng Hao told the parents, with their own savings of hundreds of dollars to buy a new year’s smart phone, and brought to the school. "We think we should respect his decision, he saved the money, he has the right to buy a cell phone, so we do not care what he did with the phone." Zheng Hao’s father.相关的主题文章: