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Students practice 10 hours a day to be forced to work as a cheap labor force students do not meet the requirements of the school internship, was delayed graduation certificate. The student workshop. The factory engaged in computer assembly, testing, maintenance, etc.. This version of the picture for the students on the Internet, said the students exposed to work in the factory allergies and other symptoms and plant protection is not in place, while the students said the factory to the teacher commission. The day before yesterday, Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Career Academy students reflected in the online, just on the second school was sent to a factory in Shanghai Kunshan practice, not practice was not allowed to graduate, working in the workshop more than 10 hours a day, some students appear allergy symptoms. The news caused heated debate on the internet. Yesterday, the school is responsible for the matter surnamed Jiang told the Beijing News reporter, internship and graduation certificate linked to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education as a basis, but did not force students to the provisions of the unit internship. In addition, for students to work long hours, allergies and other matters, is to communicate with the factory. Students said to be compulsory internship and graduation certificate and hook in Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Career Academy student Zhang told reporters, her sophomore year, the computer software technology. In September 5th, a company called Compal Information Industry Company Limited has been to the school to carry out propaganda, after the signing of an agreement with the student internship. The "internship agreement" that the party is "Compal information industry limited company", Party B is a student, is the school Party C. Internship period from September 2016 to December. Referred to in the agreement, three party, confirmed this Agreement does not constitute an employment relationship between Party A and Party B, Party A Party B but enjoy the welfare. Zhang said that the agreement is the school, the students, the "three party agreement" in which a. In September 8th, she began to practice in the assembly of Compal, arrange the hardware work for her, because learning is a software, she had not been in contact with a lot of knowledge of hardware. She said that before the practice of student counseling has not been able to participate in the internship, but the school requires sophomore students must go to the factory practice, if there is no internship experience, the school will not issue a diploma. Students work in the workplace 10 hours of allergic symptoms Zhang revealed that employers allow students to work 12 hours a day, working for only a day of 700 yuan wages. Another student questioned the school or from the smoke. In addition, Zhang also said micro-blog, many students appear cold and allergy symptoms, "yard dust, electrostatic, protection is not in place." A QQ chat screenshot provided by Zhang, a student said he has have a fever three days, eat antipyretics are not effective, roommates also appeared the same symptoms. There are students, said there were allergic symptoms. A full brother, said the students, because it can not stand the work environment, had worked for the workshop staff consultations, but the other did not solve the problem. It has led the teacher to visit once, but failed to solve the problem. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Compal information industry limited company many times, but as of press time still did not respond. Jiang said the teacher, the school had visited the enterprise in May, and list.相关的主题文章: