Super eye opens China started listening to the voice of extraterrestrial civilizations – Sohu Milita yuria

This super eye enabled: Chinese start " listen to the " sound; extraterrestrial Sohu – Military Channel data figure: spherical radio telescope. September 25th, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences led the construction of the world’s largest diameter radio telescope will be completed. In September 24th, FAST detection of core components of the cabin, the first mobile test range, making the final preparations for the completion of the mission. This means that Chinese can officially start listening to the radio waves from deep space exploration, the universe and life changes, extraterrestrial star. In July 3rd of this year, the last piece of reflector unit of FAST will be completed. The foreign media have been referred to as "the innovation of science and technology change China eye in the sky on the completion of the main project. FAST has reached the world’s 500 meters in diameter, in theory, FAST can receive electromagnetic signals more than 13 billion 700 million light years, the distance is close to the edge of the universe. With the FAST project, China in the next 20 to 30 years, the largest single aperture telescope project to maintain a world-class status. FAST hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Astronomical Observatory, from the concept to the site to build, take 22 years. According to the National Observatory researcher, FAST (500 m diameter spherical radio telescope) project manager, scientist Peng Bo introduction, when the National Astronomical Observatory from more than and 900 screened more than and 390 depressions, through analysis, modeling and other factors, and ultimately selected the more than and 90, and then to choose the more than and 90 depressions, each field the investigation, finally in order 13 depressions. "After the geological prospecting, we found that the geological Wo Dang well drilling in deep geological survey when we hit 110 meters deep when it has not hit anymore, because the geology is very strong, can bear the weight of the telescope." Peng Bo said. In 2006, FAST eventually decided to settle in Tai Wo Taipa pingtang. By listening to the "eye" of extraterrestrial civilizations sound different from other telescope, FAST’s work is not "see", but "listen to". A radio telescope is like an "ear," listening to the radio waves emitted by objects deep in space. Like light, radio waves are also electromagnetic radiation, but very long wavelengths, from about one millimeter to more than and 100 kilometers. These signals travel far and wide in space, so they are very, very weak. For a radio telescope, the larger the aperture, the more signals can be received. The FAST consists of 4450 triangular panels. The FAST was built, the largest radio telescope in the world already have two: one is the so-called ground biggest machine the Bonn 100 meter telescope, is a human being named in twentieth Century the first ten projects of the Arecibo 300 meter telescope. After the completion of FAST, its sensitivity will be about 10 times higher than Germany, 100 m telescope compared with the United States; the Arecibo 300 meter telescope, its comprehensive performance is improved by about 2.25 times. Douglas, chairman of METI International, an institution dedicated to the exploration of extraterrestrial intelligence.相关的主题文章: