Symposium on prosperity and development of philosophy and Social Sciences in foreign languages unive kaya scodelario

Philosophy and Social Sciences seminar held in Chongqing — the prosperity and development of Foreign Language Universities —   channel in Chongqing;     in October 13th, eighth of the prosperity of philosophy and Social Sciences seminar held in Sichuan in the development of foreign language university foreign language university, more than 80 representatives gathered from social education division, Ministry of education, City Board of education, Peking University, Fudan University, etc. more than 50 universities, foreign language colleges to the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science, better give advice and suggestions for economic and social services. This conference is sponsored by the National Institute of foreign languages research management cooperation, Sichuan foreign language university. At the meeting, Xu Qingsen of vice director of social science division of the Ministry of Education said that foreign institutions should first establish the theory of discourse and confidence, starting from the discipline construction, go cross the road of development, aiming at the social demand, promoting new growth points of disciplines, academic pursuit and the demand of the country more closely together. In the process of Chongqing inland open to push in Sichuan is also facing more development space and opportunities." Sichuan party secretary Ming Guohui think, to dynamically for the local regional economic and social services, foreign language colleges will be more "down to earth", which is on the outside the discipline construction, personnel training and put forward higher requirements model.   (reporter Lu Bo) 外语院校繁荣发展哲学社会科学研讨会在渝召开–重庆频道–人民网    10月13日,第八届外语院校繁荣发展哲学社会科学研讨会在四川外国语大学举行,来自教育部社科司、市教委以及北大、复旦、北外等50多所高校的80余名教育界代表汇聚一堂,为外语院校如何繁荣发展哲学社会科学,更好地为社会经济服务出谋划策。   本次会议由全国外语院校科研管理协作会主办,四川外国语大学承办。会上,教育部社科司副司长徐青森表示,外语院校首先应树立理论与话语自信,从学科建设做起,走交叉发展之路,瞄准社会需求,促进新的学科增长点,将学术追求与国家需求更加紧密地结合在一起。   “在重庆内陆开放向纵深推进的过程中,川外也面临更多的发展空间和机会。”川外党委书记明国辉认为,要动态地为地方区域经济社会服务,外语院校办学就要更加“接地气”,这也对川外的学科建设、人才培养模式等提出了更高的要求。 (记者 卢波)相关的主题文章: