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Taiwan earthquake 180 hours after the end of the rescue, after the disaster claims and accountability will be launched – New China net 14 February, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, "the task is over."!" In the search and rescue personnel to Tainan wingain building chairman Xie Zhenyu propaganda, search and rescue personnel immediately found Xie’s body, a 180 hour marathon ended with rescue; evacuation, players lined up salute, people feel as if a generation had passed, rather it is a dream. The earthquake, Tainan City, a total of 116 people were killed, 114 of them are wingain households, another person missing, yesterday afternoon finally found a victim is building chairman Xie Zhenyu. "Brothers, thank you very much."!" The Crown Victoria building from the end of the rescue, rescue evacuation of counties and cities in the forefront of the team elite last moment of silence for the victims, many families with tears to hug them, touching scene. Tainan City Yi Xiao Fan team leader Cai Wenyi said the rescue survivors are most afraid of losing the sense of survival, wingain survivors are very brave, but the building collapsed too badly, unable to rescue more people, reconstruction of the long road, Tainan refueling, we have been in!" After the search and rescue mission, Tainan mayor Lai Qingde held a press conference, he was vice mayor Ceng Xuzheng and other people’s silence, and bowed deeply, thank the county rescue personnel into the rescue. Lai Qingde said that the most severe disaster in the crown building, rescued 289 people, 114 households were killed, 175 people survived, 96 survivors were injured. Lai Qingde, mayor of Tainan, said the city council set up a committee to deal with the earthquake disaster donations and helped the victims to seek justice through legal means. Lai Qingde said that after the earthquake, the influx of money from all walks of life, the actual account of about eighty million yuan (NT $, the same below), has not yet accounted for about eight hundred million yuan, the municipal government set up a joint service center, the Secretary General of the coordination between the Bureau of the implementation of the reconstruction work. Lai Qingde said that the collapse of the building, in addition to the Tainan district has been the case of the investigation, the city government has commissioned third party fair units retained the evidence in the removal process, the future action is helping people to fight for their rights. The builder and architect Zhang Kuibao Lin Minghui and Zheng Jingui have been arrested, the municipal government proposed the first stage provisionalseizure thirty million yuan for three people, and have put forward the second stage of the provisionalseizure, more than three people to Lin Ming Hui, including the construction of shareholders, directors and others.

台湾地震180小时救援结束 灾后理赔及究责将展开-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据台湾《联合报》报道,“任务结束了!”在搜救人员对台南维冠大楼主委谢镇宇喊话后,搜救人员随即寻获谢的遗体,长达180小时的马拉松救援也跟宣告结束;撤离前,队员列队行礼致敬,有人感觉恍如隔世,宁愿这是一场梦。   这次震灾,台南市共有116人罹难,其中114人为维冠住户,另有一人失踪,昨天下午最后一位寻获的罹难者是大楼主委谢镇宇。   “弟兄们辛苦了,谢谢你们!”维冠大楼救援结束,来自各县市的搜救菁英昨撤离前列队为罹难者默哀,不少家属流着泪上前拥抱他们,场面令人动容。   台南市义消特搜队队长蔡文义说,救难时最怕生还者失去求生意识,这次维冠的生还者都很勇敢,可惜大楼塌得太厉害,无法救出更多人,重建之路漫长,“台南加油,我们一直都在!”   搜救任务结束后,台南市长赖清德举行记者会,他率副市长曾旭正等人默哀,并深深鞠躬,感谢各县市救难人员投入抢救。   赖清德表示,这次灾情最惨重的维冠大楼,救出289人,有114名住户罹难,175人生还,生还者中有96人受伤。   台南市长赖清德说,市府会成立委员会处理震灾善款,并协助受灾户透过法律途径讨公道。   赖清德表示,震灾后各界善款涌入,实际入账约八千万元(新台币,下同),还未入账约为八亿元,市府成立联合服务中心,由秘书长陈美伶协调各局处执行各项重建工作。   赖清德表示,大楼倒塌原因,除台南地检署已列案调查,市府也委托第三方公正单位在拆除过程中保留证据,未来诉讼时协助市民争取权益。   目前建筑商林明辉、建筑师张魁宝、郑进贵都被收押,市府对三人提出第一阶段假扣押三千万元,接着还要提出第二阶段的假扣押,对象不只林明辉三人,也要包括建设公司股东、董监事等人。相关的主题文章: