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Taiwan labor hunger strike Cai: breaking the ruling authorities cut false hypocrisy – Beijing China Taiwan network November 4th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, to protest the authorities cut Cai 7 statutory holidays "law" amendment, a Taiwan labor group protest team, 4 held a press conference, announced that it will expand the second hunger strike in the "Legislative Yuan" before. The protesting labor groups have vowed to use the power of the people to rest for the rest of their lives". "A case of a" and "cut 7 days" of the "labor law" amendment caused considerable controversy, and even students, youth break into the DPP "legislators" Ke Jianming’s office and the headquarters to protest and cut off. However, Cai Yingwen still stressed the need to resist pressure, unity, do not lose the direction. In this regard, the bucket industry group said Cai authorities with speed and means of unbelievable, even for 1 minutes, the 9 million workers sweat to prove their loyalty to the capitalists, capitalists; even the use of a large number of police surrounded the people’s struggle, a violent voice from objection, that "innovation" the slogan of hypocrisy, false. Workers fighting groups pointed out that in July 19th, workers launched the first hunger strike, but it is more intense, the capitalists and the authorities with explicit counterattack. As a result, the workers decided to go back to the "Legislative Yuan" before, because they saw Taiwan not only has not been lit, but the situation of workers was more severe threat. Vowed to use the power of the people to get back to the rest of the time; more oath, with our bodies, to break this false and shameful regime. (Gao Xu, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: