Take the opportunity to rub heat HTC said it has launched two camera phone two years soulseek

Take the opportunity to rub the heat HTC said it has launched two lens phone two years every year, Apple’s new iPhone release, there are a lot of onlookers users, but also have the opportunity to rub the heat of the manufacturers. This year, iPhone 7 Plus equipped with dual lens, this new change has been the major Android mobile phone manufacturers to play bad, and even the results have been unsatisfactory HTC can not stand loneliness, ridicule played an apple. The day before, the United States HTC official twitter tweets said, they have already launched a mobile phone equipped with dual lens HTC One M8 two years ago. Although HTC did not mention any of Apple’s words, but in the iPhone 7 Plus has just released this point in time, HTC said it was directed by, at a glance. However, although HTC One M8 is the world’s first intelligent machines equipped with dual lens, but with the development of technology and the leap year, now has 7 Plus dual lens iPhone brings us some new things. For example, iPhone 7 using a wide-angle lens + telephoto lens, the two lens are 12 million pixels, support 2 optical zoom and digital zoom 10 times. In addition, the application of iPhone 7 Plus camera imaging technology. The lens can add micro lens array for recording optical information in the focal length, and then through the late light field imaging algorithm to achieve the function after the first camera focus, with a shallow depth of field more natural and clear amplification effect. In general, from the hardware configuration to technology upgrades, and powerful iPhone Plus HTC One M8 suspended 7. Even if Apple Party mobile phone dual lens is late, but the good life, can only say that HTC is not as good as apple.相关的主题文章: