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In the period of the old tea price fight, tea price system faced the test of investment Sohu and map: South Beauty of ancient tea tea in 2015 "spring" in 2012, the Pu’er Tea circle used to more than 10 years old tea called tea, 5-10 tea called tea storage medium, for Guangdong dry warehouse. The old tea price reference for the 7542 big benefits tea factory around 2002, commonly known as the simplified cloud, mid tea is for the 601 batch of 7542. In accordance with the price system, 88 green is the top of the regular old tea, and then the old tea prices in accordance with the order from high to low. According to this system, today before 2006 will be counted as the old tea tea, but now the market appears a more embarrassing situation, that is because the 2004-2006 Pu’er Tea production soared, stocks soared, as the old tea tea mid sell on price. For example, after some relatively small tea products in Fangcun in 2006, the lowest price in the market to find a hundred yuan products. Dawn, Shimonoseki in 2006 and 2007 150 yuan of products, meet the eye everywhere. The price is the price of around 2014, after a lapse of 2 years, the price did not rise, and the decline trend of some products. Pu’er tea is the core of Chen Yue, if the aging value can not be reflected in the money, which is the market confidence is immeasurable. The article wrote here, there may be some experts say that some small factories of tea quality is not good, not later, so there is no storage value. The cabbage banzhang, 99 green tree count is the leader in these Interim tea. But in the actual market, nearly 2 years of Chinese cabbage class chapter "steady fall", this blessing mid tea rose fatigue, even better than the old tea tea to your situation (the first half of 2014 the wild tea trees in the market). God of the old tea prices have naturally difficult to have fallen, become the old tea tea appreciation is not the middle of headache, the most troublesome is the middle of tea tea as prices began to fall. That would be bad news for the whole market. This will be to the existing Pu’er Tea system directly affect the market, if dealers can not save the tea, tea drinkers are bought (old tea tea drink anyway, it would be cheaper than) the number of failures of tea enterprises. Tea to do, sell out, as long as there is no drink, the presence of the warehouse in the market will be around the market. Pu’er Tea once the "gets better" and "more incense more value-added of the 2 composite properties, the entire market will instantly collapse. The long-term downturn in tea prices in the medium term would be a very bad thing. If you have more tea brewing and drinking preservation, shopping and so need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to personal micro number: dydy280 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. This paper says tea net reprint, author: skyfire. Concerned about the number of love to say tea: aishuocha (long press copy) of tea, you can know here. Click on the lower right corner [subscribe] free access to more information and knowledge of tea. To select the original article [recommended] "six tea who more stimulation? What kind of tea do you fit in? "相关的主题文章: