The 55 year old teacher teaching in the countryside for 36 years into the mountains king of c misao

The 55 year old teacher teaching in the countryside for 36 years   into the mountains "king of children" (Figure) – Yunnan channel: original title: 55 year old teacher teaching in the countryside 36 years into the mountains of the "king of children" (map) on the branch to accompany the students play Games in the school yard. This reporter Ren Jianghua mountain road twists and turns, rugged terrain. At 10 a.m. on October 11th, after nearly 2 hours of turbulence from the county seat of Fengxin, a two storey building appeared in front of the reporter. Gate of "Bai Yang teaching" greeted the bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, Dou Roro hears the sound of reading. A man has two treasures, his hands and his brain; his hands work; his brain thinks; he does not do things with his hands; he doesn’t do things well……" When a side with a gesture presentation, while leading the children to recite. Did not see a 1936 has over 55 years of age, at this moment, she is completely immersed in interaction with children in the classroom. For 36 years, is a serious teacher is intimate friends 36 years ago, when a 19 year old graduated from Communist Labor University Yecheng, through the recruitment to the bath deep in the mountains — Fengxin County, hundreds of kilometres from the town of Jinxian County under the town of Ni Yang Cun primary school as a teacher. A 1936 ideal and passionate devotion to education to Ni Yang Cun, but simple hard, teaching facilities and living conditions, so she really silly eye: only a blackboard, desks and chairs in the classroom are put together into the…… Sparsely populated, children go to school more than 10 kilometers away from the mountain. The bad conditions of work and living make the teachers here change. When looking at a local villagers, such a young girl, half believe and half doubt: stay? A 1936 action to allow the villagers to see her commitment to stay. She lectures hit off by the children love. The schoolhouse was long repaired and windows were leaking. She bought film and nails and nailed the window. Chalk, teaching children with textbooks, and colleagues are supported when walking shoulder hand carried to the mountain. The parents of the village don’t let girls read books, she goes from door to door to mobilize parents to send their children to school. Unconsciously, 36 years have passed. Although a 1936 from "branch girl" into "a mother", and from "a mother" into "a grandma", but she is the principal and teacher, friend and location has not changed — class teaching, class with students playing. 55 years old, went to the mountains beyond the teaching point of one school, work hard, often supported when tired and giddy. Her blood pressure was high, leading to blindness in her right eye retina. In February 2012, when considering the branch age has been high, the body is not good, the group decided to transfer her down to the center of primary school teacher. At that moment, from Ni Yang Village in more than 10, more remote mountain village of Baiyang village to village branch of 1936 Laobiao joint please teach. Family advised her: "you are fifty years old, do not go beyond the mountains drill!" She laughed and said, "if everyone goes to the mountains, who will teach the children in the mountains?"" I heard a teacher came, everyone in the field study of rush about telling the news around spreading, many children turn white teaching points, students from the original 2 to the present) 55岁老师乡村教书36年 成深山里的“孩子王”(图)–云南频道–人民网 原标题:55岁老师乡村教书36年 成深山里的“孩子王”(图)   支月英在学校院子里陪学生做游戏。本报记者 任江华摄   山路弯弯,绵延崎岖。10月11日上午10时,从奉新县城经过近2小时颠簸,记者眼前出现了一栋二层的小楼。院门上的“白洋教学点”字样映入眼帘,鲜艳的五星红旗迎风飘扬,孩童朗朗的读书声声声入耳。   “人有两件宝,双手和大脑;双手会做工,大脑会思考;用手不用脑,事情做不好……”支月英一边以手势演示,一边带领孩子们朗诵。   丝毫看不出支月英已年过55岁,此时此刻,她完全沉浸在课堂与孩子们的互动中。   36年了,既是认真的老师也是贴心的朋友   36年前,19岁的支月英从共产主义劳动大学冶城分校毕业,通过招考来到离家乡进贤县数百公里的大山深处――奉新县澡下镇泥洋村小学当老师。支月英满怀献身教育的理想和激情来到泥洋村,但生活条件的艰苦、教学设施的简陋,着实让她傻了眼:教室里只有一块黑板、课桌椅都是拼凑成的……当地人烟稀少,孩子们上学要步行10多公里山路。工作和生活条件的恶劣,让来这里的教师换了一拨又一拨。   看着支月英,当地村民也半信半疑:这么年轻的姑娘,留得住吗?   支月英用行动让乡亲们看到了她留下来的决心。她讲课绘声绘色,深受孩子们喜欢。校舍年久未修、窗户四处漏风,她买来薄膜和钉子,把窗户钉好。孩子们的课本、教学用的粉笔,都是支月英和同事们步行肩挑手提运上山。山村的家长不让女孩读书,她挨家挨户动员家长把孩子送来学校。   不知不觉,36年过去了。虽然支月英从“支姑娘”变成“支妈妈”,又从“支妈妈”变成“支奶奶”,但她对自己既是校长和老师,又是朋友的定位一直没变――上课教书、下课陪学生玩耍。   55岁了,又去了更远的深山教学点   一人一校,工作辛苦,支月英经常累得头晕眼花。她血压偏高,导致右眼视网膜出血而失明。2012年2月,考虑到支月英年龄已高,身体不好,组织上决定调她下山到中心小学任教。   正在此时,距泥洋村十多里、更偏远的山村白洋村老表联名请支月英到村任教。家人劝她:“你都年过半百了,别往更远的深山里钻!”她笑呵呵地说:“如果人人都到山外,大山里的孩子谁来教?”听说支老师来了,大家奔走相告,许多在外地读书的孩子转回白洋教学点,学生由原来的2名增加到现在的20多名。2012年暑假,教学楼开建。支月英起早摸黑,一边照料施工,一边帮工人做饭,将丈夫也拉来帮忙。   今年5月,支月英已年满55岁,按照政策,她本可以退休了。孩子们拉住她的手问,“支老师,您不会离开我们吧?”“只要身体允许,我会一直在山区教下去,我更希望有新的老师到山区!”支月英说。   1997年,支月英光荣地加入中国共产党。组织上没有忘记支月英的奉献,2015年,支月英荣获小学特高级职称。“在我内心深处,我时刻铭记,自己是一名人民教师,更是一名党员。我选择做一名深山里的孩子王,此生不悔!”(任江华) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: