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The absence of the Spring Festival market stock fund performance suffered "Waterloo" – fund channel at the beginning of 2016, the market does not appear significant Spring Festival "red envelopes", data show that in January 2016 the average equity fund raised private equity fund fell 23.51%, the average decline is as high as 13.34%. At the beginning of this year, the rise of the influx of fund dividends also gradually faded, a week before the Spring Festival a total of 5 fund dividend announcement, the number of participating funds significantly reduced, return to normal. At the same time, the new fund issue is also affected by the market cold shoulder. Kay stone financial products research center data show that currently the issue of fund a total of 37, the market fell again and again in the background, most of the new fund raising period has been extended until after the Spring Festival, the investor confidence recovery will take time. From a good buy fund research center survey, some private equity fund positions in the fourth quarter of last year increased gradually, and maintained a relatively high position to greet the Spring Festival market. But the performance of the A shares it down the stock market and liquidity shortage, which makes a lot of private equity funds retracement serious. 1 months late, the majority of private equity fund positions have been reduced to very low, the majority of fund managers still wait-and-see attitude. From the central fund’s point of view, although the short-term market may remain weak, but investors need not worry too much about. Although the Spring Festival holiday period, the global market risk incidents, but the trend of offshore renminbi has continued to be strong, the recent dollar cumulative appreciation of 2%, the appropriate domestic capital outflows expected to ease. Compared to the overseas market, the current valuation of the A shares market tends to be low, or funds become relatively good shelter. Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund said that the short-term market is still uncertain, but the positive factors are gradually accumulated. Chinese "NPC and CPPCC" forthcoming, "13th Five-Year" planning is the focus of the market, including new consumption, intelligent manufacturing, information technology is still the main contents and development direction. Kay stone analyst sang Liu Yu said that the shares mixed fund selection, the current still recommend investors to batch layout good prospects for the industry of Internet +, new energy and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, defense industry and other growth style fund. According to Xinhua News Agency

春节行情缺席 股票基金业绩遭遇“滑铁卢”-基金频道   2016年伊始,市场并未出现显著的春节“红包”,数据显示,2016年1月公募股票型基金平均跌幅23.51%,私募股票型基金平均跌幅也高达13.34%。  今年初兴起的基金分红潮也日渐褪去,春节前一周共有5只基金公告分红,分红基金数量大幅缩减,回归常态。同时新基金发行也受到市场的冷遇。凯石金融产品研究中心数据显示,目前正在发行期的基金共37只,在市场连连下跌的背景下,多数新基金募集期已延长至春节后,投资者信心恢复尚需时日。  从好买基金研究中心的调研情况来看,部分股票型私募基金去年四季度仓位逐渐提高,并且保持着相对较高的仓位迎接春节行情。但A股的表现事与愿违,下行的行情加之流动性不足的影响,使得很多私募基金回撤严重。1月中下旬,大多数私募基金的仓位已经降到很低,多数基金经理还是持观望态度。  来自中欧基金的观点认为,尽管市场短期可能维持弱势,但投资者无须过度担忧。尽管春节休市期间,全球市场风险事件频发,但离岸人民币走势却持续坚挺,近期兑美元累计升值达2%,适当缓解了国内资本外流预期。相比海外市场,目前估值趋于低位的A股市场,或成为资金相对较好的避难所。  摩根士丹利华鑫基金则表示,短期看市场仍存在一定的不确定性,但是积极的因素正在逐渐累积。中国“两会”即将召开,“十三五”规划内容是市场关注的重点,其中新型消费、智能制造、信息技术仍是主要的论述内容和发展方向。  凯石分析师桑柳玉表示,股混基金的选择上,当前依然建议投资者分批布局行业前景较好的互联网+、新能源、环保、高端制造、国防军工等成长风格基金。据新华社相关的主题文章: