The Agricultural Bank of Ouhai found aircraft refund fraud

The Agricultural Bank of Ouhai found "aircraft refund fraud recently, the Agricultural Bank of China Wenzhou branch Ouhai Mountain Road branch together with the successful intercept" due to aircraft failure refund "as an excuse to telecommunications fraud, effectively protect the safety of customer funds. It is reported that, when a customer in 4 ATM machines while playing mobile phone while operating behavior caused the network security guard, the security guards immediately report to the head of operations, the success of the fraud intercept, access to the customer’s profuse. It is reported that the person in charge of the network and the director of operations will normally use of the morning will be full of learning, the new method to analyze means of fraud, in order to further enhance the bank staff’s identification and prevention ability. Related links: "due to aircraft failure refund fraud" dear passengers Hello, your reservation X June X 17:15-21:30 Yantai – Chongqing SC4794 flights have been canceled due to aircraft failure, can not lead a normal takeoff, the inconvenience to you, please forgive me! After receiving the message please contact the company for you to change or refund, no tickets no flight (Note: a full refund refund plus back 100 yuan, 20 yuan fee change for Shandong Airlines)." This is a message to the people of Yantai Lee received. See the message, Ms. Lee of the first reaction is, "Oh, hurry to buy a ticket." A few days ago, Ms. Lee ordered from Yantai to fly to Chongqing flights from the Internet, paid for her credit card. After receiving this message, Lee quickly to the market of the airport passenger company called to order second day ticket to Chongqing. Ask the airport staff told Ms. Lee, Shandong Airlines flight to Chongqing normal is not canceled, and she received the message is likely to be fraudulent information. The staff also reminded Ms. Lee to find airline ticket purchase to verify the authenticity and validity, okay Airlines confirmed Ms. Lee purchased the ticket is valid. The airport staff to remind, in the purchase link, payment of passengers to be vigilant, once encountered an unknown message, to get in touch with the airlines, don’t be so called "customer service" command to the ATM machine before operation. In any case, if the other requirements will be ticketed import private accounts, travelers should immediately suspend the booking procedure, because this is the most typical way of fraud.