The amplitude of a hit most of 14 years of historical data revealed that the next alarming trend – S

A shares hit a record of 14 years of the most historical data revealed the next amazing trend – Sohu securities article starting in the WeChat public number: China securities. The content of the article is the author’s personal point of view, does not represent the position of the network. Investors according to the operation, please take the risk. September 20th, A shares witnessed the most since 14 years in 2002! Stock index is only 0.39% of the day amplitude, was ridicule as Ge You paralysis, an amplitude for the most of the past 14 years. This is even lower than the amplitude, and the most recent time occurred 14 years ago – in September 13, 2002, the stock index is only a day amplitude of only 0.29%. In 2002, the number of 80, A shares are not afraid of too big impression, let alone be 90. Netizens ridicule: the recent stock market is a bit like a 90 year old old man, halting, do not worry, the next 10 to 1 years! Low amplitude allegorical disk near? Chinese securities reporter statistics since 2000 stock index today’s stock index amplitude amplitude ranking, ranked ninth, 8 occurred in 2000-2002 years, the minimum amplitude is the amplitude occurred in August 30, 2002, only 0.26% of all day long. In addition, the amplitude of less than 0.5% of a total of 31 times, in 2016 there have been a number of times in 2014, there were 1 times in 2006, there were more than 1 times in the past, the rest are in 2000-2002. So, the low amplitude for the A stock market outlook will have any impact or a harbinger of it? The 31 amplitude less than 0.5% of the data as the sample, when the stock index is low amplitude, the stock index in the next three months is this: fell more than 10% of the total of 13, or more than 10% or 3 times, that is to say, the rise and fall of the absolute value of more than 10% of the total 16; see, the stock index in six months after the performance, rose more than 20% of the total 2, down more than 20% of the total of 7 times. This can be introduced, when the stock index is low, A shares are prone to change the disk, and will be accompanied by a larger change. Cattle also bear? Some investors may say that the time to pull back to 2000, so the data obtained are not comparable. Because today’s A shares have not the time of the 2000 appearance, whether from the market maturity or the size of the market, it cannot be mention in the same breath. Then we will shorten the time, look at the next 5 years, A shares appear lower amplitude situation. China Securities reporter extracted nearly 5 years ago, the smallest amplitude of the top 20, the data show that in these data, in 2014 accounted for 9, in 2016 accounted for the total of 6. 2014, the stock index is relatively low amplitude occurred from June to July, when the stock index hovering at 2000 points, it is also the starting point of A shares on the bull market. From a statistical point of view, in 2014 after the occurrence of the stock index rose three months after a low amplitude of more than 10%, while six months after the rise is even more alarming, or basic coverage of 40%-60%. And now, A shares appear again in this case, the low amplitude of the stock index in the recent frequent occurrence. Data to see, A shares seem;相关的主题文章: