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The baby did not want to go to kindergarten crying, clever mother to do – Sohu maternal and child in the last week, colleagues Wang three year old daughter in kindergarten. These days, she almost every hour of nagging, do not know what the daughter did not cry, do not know the taste of food, do not know to have been scolded by the teacher, do not know to have been bullied…… We are joking with her, but she said she is not the girl sticky, sticky girl. Wang came to see me yesterday. "You say, now a few other children in kindergarten cry situation, but my daughter two days or so, this has also started not obedient, yesterday started crying to go home. The teacher said my daughter was not accustomed to, let the home also think of a way……" She didn’t say anything. If she had a way, she wouldn’t come to me. So I asked her: "how do you say goodbye in the garden and children?" "I told her empathy! Your teacher and parents parenting is not often said to empathy and children? I said: I know, you don’t love kindergarten, my mother is also very sad, because the baby and mother are very reluctant to leave, baby…… Original article. Oh, you do not know, when I say this, my heart hurt, so small children to leave their loved ones……" "Wait, are you sorry you didn’t show up?" I asked her. "Yes, I think I know the feeling of the child at that moment, I am very sad when I think of her own way……" As a former kindergarten teacher, every September, I will see the scene, holding the Starving people fill the land. "- mother thigh, crying to say" don’t go "; there is a strong boy instantly turned, that" no longer naughty "; it took her mother’s clothes, quietly shed tears. It can be said that in the park at the beginning, most of the children are more or less there crying, not suited to the situation. This is in fact to prove your parent-child relationship is good, if the child can not cry no trouble, quietly accepted the kindergarten life, it is worthy of special attention! But if the child is crying too seriously, that can not adapt to life in the kindergarten, it needs to pay attention — or that there is a problem in your parent-child relationship for example, dependence, sticky and security, either in life, have a family member to the children "kindergarten is not good" or "don’t want you to go to the kindergarten" suggest this, and this will also let the children appear clingy, dependence, security worse. It can be said that the admission of the first week of the performance of the parents, the child can lay the impression of the kindergarten, and the ability to adapt to the new environment foundation. What should we do in this precious time in order to shorten the child’s separation anxiety period? 1 parents first of all can not separate anxiety in many cases, not the child can not be separated from the parents, but the parents have emotional needs of children. Caused serious psychological dependence on parents too much attention and emotional investment, so that the child admission period, parents lead to anxiety. This kind of mood will be infected with the child, let the child produce and mother is not a good idea. .相关的主题文章: