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Business It is hard to venture into a business these days and not see an employee wearing some type of badge holder to display their identification card. Lanyards are very .mon and utilized in many retail locations, educational facilities, hospitals and government offices. The majority of your restaurants still utilize pins, clips and magnates to attach their badge holders. These are all effective but did you know there was another method that is growing in popularity? It is the badge reel and it is for real. The badge reel will make a great home for any HID card. Perhaps the question that just popped into your head might be; that is great but what is a badge reel? It is a product that can be attached to various parts of the uniform and be used to present an HID card upon request or need. This product is designed with a retractable cord that allows the user to pull out their card to address their need and then allow it to retract back into its holder. The proximity card is protected from daily wear and tear resting harmlessly in the badge reel. This product is most .monly attached to a belt. There are many different types of badge reels and they .e in many sizes and shapes. The badge reel is used to house a HID card or proximity card. These plastic cards can be encoded with smart card technology that allows it to be used for many purposes. Through magnetic stripes, smart chips and other innovative modern technology these cards can be easily used as part of an access control identification system or a very .petent attendance control operation. If a .pany or organization has sensitive areas that are designated for specified eyes only than in .bination with an ID system these HID cards can be used to gain access. If an employees HID card is encoded with access control technology that said employee can walk up to a specific area and pull their card out of their badge reel and swipe it through a card reader. As long as their card has been embedded with the correct coding they will be permitted entrance. If their card has not been properly encoded they will be denied. This makes for a very effective security system. Although security always takes top priority these cards can also be used for attendance control and monitoring. These HID cards can be encoded to be time cards. The employee enters or leaves the domain by pulling their card out of their badge reel and swiping a card reader. The card reader in .bination with a .plete identification card system documents the attendance habits of the employee. These cards, which are about the same size as a credit card or drivers license can be utilized as gift cards or rewards cards as well. Identification cards will continue to play a major role in our future. As long as there is a HID card in use there will be products like a badge reel to house them. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: