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The bazaar God medicine "cure" fake police questioning revealed the secret son Washington (reporter correspondent Yang Yong Zhong Yingying) "passing through, do not miss this medicine cure, containing ganoderma lucidum antler, composition!" Such a voice can be heard in many meetings, but these drugs really have such a magical effect? In November 3, 2016, when Dengfeng City Ying Yang Zhen Ying Yang rally Public Security Bureau police station in Dengfeng city police to rally on patrol, when the patrol to Yingyang street in Caishikou, saw a man and a woman is using loudspeakers to promote their own selling potions. Two people on the ground is also covered with a piece of paper with "cures mouth crooked eye oblique, sequela of facial spasm……" Yellow paper. Yellow paper beside the bottles a lot without any sign of antlers, and a box of Ganoderma lucidum. See people came up, two people to them said their drugs can cure arthritis, neck and back pain and other diseases, the drug also contains ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum antler, two bottles, as long as 50 yuan. How can there be so many diseases without any medicine? The police were suspicious and asked the drugs production without permission, two people have the qualifications certificate. See two people prevarication could not answer, the police immediately brought them back to the police station for further questioning. At the same time, the drugs sold to the two people were sent to the food and Drug Administration for identification. After identification, two people sell drugs no antlers, Ganoderma lucidum and ingredients, are counterfeit. After interrogation, Lee (male, 45 years old), Zhu (female, 43 years old) admitted selling counterfeit facts. According to the two account, they are on the Internet to see the recipe for the production of this drug, then do it yourself. But the drugs only anti itching, and no two people say can cure arthritis, neck and back pain and other diseases. At present, Lee, Zhu on suspicion of the production and sale of counterfeit Dengfeng police have been taken criminal coercive measures, the case is still pending. (river network)相关的主题文章: