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"Raul? Castro –" revolutionary career Chinese version starting in Beijing – International – in Beijing in August 31, this morning, the Latin American left-wing and socialist forum fifth conference and "Raul? Castro –" Chinese revolutionary career premiere will be held in the Academy of Sciences China agency. The meeting aimed at Raul from the political and academic research on the first Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Central? Thought and practice of Castro’s theory of revolution and reform, promote the development of China Academy of Social Sciences Marx theory research and construction engineering career. Raul, a revolutionary career, is the author of the Russian writer, Nicola, and the author of the book, "the revolutionary life of the people of the Republic of China," said the author of the book, "the revolutionary career of" the. This book combines the archives and character interviews, vivid description of Raul? Castro faithfully for the history of the Cuban revolution and the people fighting, expounds the Cuban Revolutionary History and reform, reveals the relationship between Cuba and the rest of the world, caused great concern in the domestic and international academic circles of Cuba in Latin america. The book Chinese version of the translator for the Latin American Institute of social research China assistant researcher Wei Ran, Fan Lei Li Hansan, PhD; School of Latin American Studies researcher translator is China Academy of Social Sciences honorary academician, Xu Shicheng. The publisher is China Social Science Press. The publication of this book has been greatly assisted by the Cuban Embassy in china. Cuban ambassador Bai Shide (Alberto Blanco Silva) (left) at the opening ceremony according to the introduction, "Raul? Castro –" a Book of revolutionary career Chinese version, is an important content of the work and achievements of the Latin American Marx theory research and construction project. In recent years, Latin America has continued to invest in human and financial resources, translated and published a series of biographies of the left wing of Latin America, and laid the foundation for the research and development of Latin American socialist thought and practice. (Xu Buyun) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Xu Buyun Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: