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The detailed financial reversal pattern gold oil exchange between the investment adviser king contest: PEEK catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to see a guide we can from a simplified diagram of biparietal reversal patterns, biparietal reversal patterns are obviously a rising trend in the form before. In the double break neckline before trading here according to the different ideas, if homeopathic traders will consider forming a flag shaped or rectangular shape and take advantage of long relay. But contrarian traders may consider formation in the first game after the top biparietal operation, to double break as a stop. In the breakthrough and withdrawing double time opportunities after the break is double, double point where trading opportunities. From the simplified three running rhythm of the figure, the first running rhythm, at a new high after the first drop in intensity, and then rebounded to near the top, no obvious strength, this case is more suitable for the transaction. The operation strength of second thumbnails biparietal is almost the same, at this time, in accordance with the probability of forming rectangular relay biparietal is consistent with the transaction. So, at this time on the basis of relay trading is on the basis of reversal trading, depends on our thinking (transaction related information, and more relevant reversal patterns form relay can view the financial website or to check the financial online customer service). Third in the thumbnail, hit a new high after the first down no efforts to re run innovation highs stronger, this trend is not conducive to the rhythm of the transaction based on the double top form. Therefore, we in the actual transaction process, try to choose the first running rhythm graphics transactions, while the second and third operating rhythm, need to seek pumpback shorting opportunities at the neckline after the break, the neckline break as a stop. The theory of target reversal pattern can be seen from the chart, gold after breakthrough double bottom neckline, once a root on the line, to go back to the neckline nearby, then formed the two back neckline opportunity, shows that in the process of gold has just reversed, will occur repeatedly. It also tells us that in the transaction by the reversed form, try to take a relatively conservative operation. The British finance has been customer-oriented, focused on providing fair compliance financial services for global investors, its investment brand have higher order financial certification in Hongkong, domestic and overseas, including Hongkong CGSES AA operator licence (number 76), the Shanghai gold exchange CGSES international membership, certification Shenzhen, Qianhai, New Zealand, Belize demonstration zone FSP license IFSC license, providing online forex trading, spot oil, stock index futures, stocks CFDs (CFDs), and spot gold, spot silver yuan trading service. British finance: day trades found: the financial analyst Sun Jianqun teacher lecturer (commodity researcher, silver oil experts, financial analyst popular studio) content: analysis of 2 week trend review this week 3 Huijin oil concerns 4 oil on the 1.4 hour chart trend pre Huijin and the role of Technology相关的主题文章: