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The difference of Global Travel Centre depicting colorful tourism Channel original title: central difference depicting colorful vigorous and magnificent landscape of the Yellow River global tour, the vast sea of beauty…… Each scenic spot has its own unique style, each of which has a different flavor. The defender, the difference in thinking seek bureau cloth piece, with individual elements added a "sticky", improve the scenic global tourism attraction. The desert landscape is similar, in the build process, defender clever-eyes ingenuity to dig deeper, the different style. Shapotou scenic spot in the world is the one and only allow visitors to enjoy the "the Yellow River desert, sand cliffs nestled embrace the river" beauty at the same time, do the "play" article: there are two a total length of 820 meters, drop more than 50 meters of the "world of the Yellow River first cable, passengers can fly to the far side of the river, sliding speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour; and sometimes climb sand ridges, sometimes dive bottom high-powered off-road car in the Shahai surfing adventure; by 14" muddy cheese "made of sheepskin inflatable, can load 1 tons of sheepskin raft drifting, allowing visitors to enjoy the ups and downs in the the Yellow River desert. Jinsha Island, an area of nearly 30 square kilometers in the "ecological tourism, leisure, ornamental flowers" as the goal, planting soil in the desert, purple, pink herb garden built seven rose garden, flower garden, the vast expanse of the sea, beautiful. This scenic area won the title of "China’s beautiful countryside", "the United States and the United States and China". The opening of the new sea and desert frontier tourism scenic spots, respectively to the vast desert and vigorous and have their own advantages and long border. "Shapotou Jinsha Island fun, good-looking, Jinsha sea magic, magnificent desert frontier." The same sand and Xing, desert four brothers, but each have their own fan". According to the different cultural characteristics and city centre natural endowment, system and reasonable configuration, carved tourism resources, to create a "personality" of the desert wetland resort area, Shapotou area, the Chinese wolfberry production integration of the city cultural experience area and Haiyuan Hui customs exhibition area, efforts to make the region tourism colorful, a hundred flowers contend in beauty. In the next 3 years, the defender will raise nearly 20 billion yuan of funds, the implementation of the global tourism project 46, to promote the transformation of Shapotou scenic area by the times "to" Global Times ", two, Haiyuan county to change in the" scenic "era. By 2018, the city’s total of 8 million tourists, tourism revenue reached $7 billion 500 million. (reporter Feng Tao) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), happy)相关的主题文章: