The first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million oil CNOOC net LNG fell 97.9% in hope zuczug

The first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million oil CNOOC net LNG fell 97.9% in hopes of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years of experience in veteran reporter He Qingyou Danting Shanghai, Hongkong reported August 24th CNOOC (0883.HK) announced the first half of fiscal year 2016 performance, oil and gas sales company for 55 billion 80 million yuan, down 28.5%, a net loss of 7 billion 740 million yuan, an interim dividend of HK $0.12 per share (including tax). On the same day the oil also announced that the company in the first half of fiscal 2016 earnings of $531 million, down by $97.91%, the company’s first half of fiscal year operating income of 764 billion 337 million yuan, down by 13.09%. In fact, CNOOC and PetroChina performance is expected to drop sharply. In August 15th, CNOOC chairman Yang Hua also went to Canada, and Nixon company independent director John Abbott and Rosen Hunter, on the task stage facing the development of oil and gas industry trends, Nixon, difficulties and challenges, and to strengthen the next and the Canadian government departments of communication and exchange of views on topics such as. Earlier, CNOOC took office 3 executives. This means that Yang Hua hopes to change through personnel, etc., to increase the operation of the market, so that the various sectors of CNOOC to achieve profitability, even if it is Nickerson, but also hope to be able to stop bleeding. There are people of Southern China natural gas market to twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter revealed that CNOOC hopes to spot imports of LNG, accelerate the integration of the natural gas market, let the market to become the overlord of natural gas. The national energy research institute director Han Wenke believes that the current Chinese natural gas market dilemma is temporary, because after 2008 imports of high priced LNG, can only take the expansion of imports to domestic natural gas price level low share, which enterprises take part, residents of a part of the new natural gas imports the price of a part. Two oil central enterprises fell sharply, according to CNOOC, as of June 30, 2016, the company’s exploration and development and other business steadily. A total of 6 new discoveries and 26 successful evaluation wells were obtained in the exploration area. Among them, there were 6 new discoveries and well evaluated wells in the area of China, and the successful evaluation wells in the world were obtained from abroad, which was named as the well of 6 wells. Plans to put into operation during the year 4 new projects progressing smoothly, Kenli 10-4 oilfield and Panyu 11-5 oilfield has been put into operation, the other 2 new projects smoothly. Thanks to the effective measures to reduce the efficiency of the first half of the company’s cost control effect is significant, the main cost index fell sharply, the main cost of barrels of oil barrels of oil equivalent to $34.86, down 15.5%. Operating expenses of $7.42 barrels of oil equivalent, down 22.7%, China Sea and overseas were down. CNOOC President Yuan Guangyu said that if the capital expenditure is too large contraction may affect the future development of the company, but the cost of hedging a part of the cost of capital contraction. He said theory相关的主题文章: