The girl cycling falls passing male nurses become unconscious in a private car to take her to the ho

The girl cycling falls passing male nurses become unconscious in a private car to take her to the hospital – Beijing Changsha evening news (reporter correspondent Peng Fang Yang Fang) "elder brother, thank you, put your dirty car." Yesterday, in the neurology ward Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, when Yao Run learned that he was injured in a road accident, a male nurse Cao Wei with private cars she sent to the hospital, the two girls for their dirty the other side of the car, feel uneasy. Cao Wei repeatedly said: "the car is dirty does not matter, see you all right, I can rest assured." The day before 7 pm, Changsha emergency nurses in fourth hospitals in Cao Wei go to work, drive by Xiaoxiang road Tianma student apartment to see the front road, surrounded by a crowd, the crowd down an electric car. Could someone riding a fall, occupation sensitive let Cao Wei immediately stop. He rushed into the crowd, to see a young girl lying on the road dug a ditch, covered in blood. Some onlookers chanted, but the girl become unconscious. Someone has dialed the 120 emergency call, but can not clear the specific address. Cao Wei preliminary examination of the girl’s injury, that should be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible, if the 120 emergency vehicles rushed over, may also have to delay some time. Without thinking he shouted: "I am four hospital nurses, trouble you to help put the wounded in my car." "She’s become unconscious, who don’t know how she fell, you’d better not make trouble for yourself." There was a kindly reminder of the crowd. Cao Wei said: "time is life, delay a minute may increase the difficulty of treatment!" So, we work together to put the girl in the back of the car Wei wei. Cao Wei drove all the way to the hospital, and notify the emergency department to do the preparation. To the hospital, he did not attend the car back seat is full of blood, immediately with the emergency department of the value of the doctor in charge of the king, for the girl to clean up the wound, escort them to carry out the relevant inspection. Test results show that the girl had a concussion, orbital, nasal bone and zygomatic fractures, multiple facial laceration, transferred to Department of Neurosurgery hospital treatment. After the girl’s cell phone contact with their families, Cao Wei learned that the girl named Yao Run, Hunan University sophomore. Yesterday, Yao Run regained consciousness after treatment, but how to fall is no memory. Last night, Yao Run’s parents came home from the Gansu hospital, insisted to thank Cao Wei, but was refused. As a medical worker, and it’s my job." Cao Wei said.相关的主题文章: