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The girl died after being cheated out of tuition in media: who backed the telephone fraud? Xu Yuyu Xu Yuyu and his father’s graduation certificate report West high station original title: who is backing in money or life of telephone fraud: Shandong Linyi freshmen cheated light tuition fainting death investigation CNR net Linyi on August 25th news (reporter Liu Huadong Chai Andong Liu Yingchao Tang Lei) the poor family Shandong Luozhuang District in Linyi Tan village girl Xu Yuyu before going to university is to distribute telecommunications fraud "grants" as cheat light tuition, resulting in cardiac and respiratory arrest, finally died. Xu Yuyu’s mother Li Ziyun told reporters, Xu Yuyu this year with a score of 568 liberal arts to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications majoring in english. Then the school informed them in August 20th unified deduction of tuition fees, Xu Yuyu’s father, Xu Lianbin, in 18, to give her daughter a bank card deposit of $10 thousand. And on the afternoon of 19, Xu Yuyu’s mother, said Li Ziyun, she received a strange number of calls at the beginning of the "171": "he came up to ask you have a college entrance examination? I said yes, he said there is a part of grant funds to you, to your college grants, I didn’t hear you, I say to you to see." CNR network reporter Chai Andong interviewed Luozhuang Public Security Bureau Linyi City West police station director Liang Chuanqin high CNR network reporter Qin Li Ziyun said she put the phone to Xu Yuyu, that the other side to Xu Yuyu paid 2600 yuan of money grants, and that day is the last day of paid work, and asked her for 20 minutes within the machine operation to ATM. Xu Yuyu’s father Xu Lianbin said he was not under the home, Xu Yuyu quickly took the tuition card rode to the nearest bank: "the child did not come into contact with these things, there is no experience, light to listen to him, a cheater said in a hurry, hurry this afternoon, she panicked." Xu Yuyu’s mother’s physical disability, the whole family’s monthly counting three thousand or four thousand yuan in the construction site of the work to support the family, the bad days, therefore, Xu Yuyu has three years of high school grants. According to Xu Lianbin introduction, on the 17 day of this month, he also went to the Bureau of education to apply for a grant material: "on the day of the day I gave her a scholarship, but also the Education Bureau of the 17. People say yes, said in August 25th -9 month 11 card to send you home. How much money is allocated above, no matter how much money on the card. This card is sent directly to your home via the post office." To the bank, Xu Yuyu in accordance with the instructions on the other side of the phone on the ATM operation several times, did not succeed. Then the other said that Xu Yuyu did not need to activate the card, take out 9900 yuan remittance to a designated account to be activated, then you can put 2600 yuan 9900 yuan and grants of money remitted to Xu Yuyu together in half an hour. After all Xu Yuyu did, have been waiting for. After about half an hour, has not received a phone call, she began to realize that something is wrong, then call back the past, have suggested that the number is empty. After returning home, Xu Yuyu cheated the situation to tell the family, although parents have comforted her that it does not matter, you can make some money with relatives, will not delay her school, but Xu Yuyu.相关的主题文章: