The height of the campus loan interest loans who let college students into a lamb to be slaughtered

The height of the campus loan interest loans: who let college students into a lamb to be slaughtered? TechWeb reported text Wang Meng after a lapse of 4 months, the regulatory authorities issued a document again rectification campus net loan. August 24th, China Banking Regulatory Commission made it clear that the stop, move, whole, teach, cited five word policy, regulate the entire campus net loan behavior. In April this year, the general office of the Ministry of education, the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "on the strengthening of the campus network to prevent the risk of lending and education to guide the work of the notice". It is clear that all colleges and universities should establish a campus network monitoring mechanism of non-performing loans, joint banking regulatory bureau and other relevant departments to pay close attention to the development of online lending business in the campus. Half of the regulatory level twice issued a document specification campus loan is sufficient to show that this area has been a big problem. Bare, debt collection, Dutch act: loan interest loan of the height of the campus in recent years, all kinds of all kinds of network lending platform for college students and campus staging shopping platform, let a person see presbyopia. "Free", "cheap" behind, often hidden traps and "pit", and even caused some social problems. The TechWeb review reports in recent years found that the standard campus loan tragedies often appear in newspapers. In March 9th, Zhengzhou 21 years old students Jeong due to their inability to repay 600 thousand yuan net loan to jump Dutch act news, campus loan interest loans for tall Bisi news network. In June, micro-blog users broke the news, some people through the network lending platform provides a "bare loan", malicious induced nude female students handheld ID photos, instead of IOUS use, when a breach occurs without repayment, lenders to open nude photos to coerce forced repayment. The news was exposed, the mortgage lending platform network, the topic once again pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Recently, according to media reports, naked bars lending transaction is still being carried out secretly, and more lenders said, with naked article after the mortgage, such as the inability to repay on time, can introduce prostitution, through illegal trading income repayment. TechWeb query Baidu Post Bar campus bar it found that it was filled with a lot of lending advertising information. "No," the next stage "fast", "low interest" has become almost every standard advertising slogan. Some lending information is directly marked, 211, 985 college students can provide more favorable lending conditions. Vie, speculation, believe: college students as a lamb to the slaughter of an unnamed University Counselor told TechWeb that some net loan platform is aimed at this group of college students, the group launched for the loan product, has its particularity, "a special age in college students, physiological age to adulthood however, mental age is far from adult thinking ability. Is the lack of social experience, and there is no understanding of their own sober enough to easily listening, it is easy to become the target who have an ulterior motive." The instructor said, those students in real net loan trap, basically is to buy electronic products or luxury "not to rush into danger, students’ living expenses"相关的主题文章: