The history of animation good cop ranking battle Chang Shouzhu Zuimei the fruit body shishangqiyi

The history of animation good cop ranking battle Chang Shouzhu Zuimei fruit body from 1976 began serialization in the "weekly Shonen JUMP" on "kochikame" after 40 years finally came to a close, Akimoto Ji’s thick eyebrows police Ryotsu Nayoshi has become the most popular animation by the Japanese police. In addition to this work, "Chang Shouzhu," the psychological measurement "in his arrest" real this summer is a famous woman, they play an important role in punishing evil and beauty like the police. Japanese media have selected the ten most interesting animation is the worship of police rank, pro police or grass policewoman? The most interesting [first]: Police animation ranked "kochikame" 1076 votes to "kochikame" style, and the animation industry 40 years of skill can not cover. The police are required to correct, do not take from the masses, said Huang Duanzi is not. Actor Ryotsu Nayoshi but act in a diametrically opposite way, the yellow piece is full of life, full of the spirit of entertainment behavior in the fruit body, let everyone have happiness within. Second: "the psychological measurement" 347 votes "TV animation" psychological measurement is looking for Gen urobuchi screenwriter, hair is naturally easy. In a large number of dark psychological role, the Monitoring Officer Chang Zhu can be said to be out of the mud and not dyed white lotus. Not only have a strong sense of justice, there are no matter what happens will not be black with clear mental hue. In the morning the shower screen is like a pure breeze, let a person very comfortable. Third: "police" 280 tickets this work aired in 1989, making the perfect lineup, Mamoru Oshii, Yucheng Masami, Takada Ami gathered a large coffee. The story of architecture in the future, the new society turbulent, mobile police unit, two car class second patrol police team using robots to combat crime, its members are assigned different to the boss. Fourth: "arrest" 251 votes in fifth: "ghost in the shell" 241 votes: Sixth "police in the future" Urashima 88 votes in seventh: "wild seven" Eighth "72 votes: 55 votes in the Ninth" super police: "secret" ~TheRevelation~ tenth: 40 votes "flamenco" samurai 37 votes相关的主题文章: