The judicial examination examination candidates Xi’an million brush face approach (video)-plants war

The judicial examination examination candidates Xi’an million brush face "approach of the newspaper news (reporter elegant) yesterday morning, the national judicial examination in 2016 officially opened. As one of the large area, this year the number of candidates for the first time in Xi’an area million people. The examination for the first time to enable the security examination system, through face recognition, cloud data comparison technology, strictly, put an end to take the test. The national judicial examination is the examination for the qualifications of the organization of national unity in the specific legal occupation, this year Xi’an area a total of 10452 people participated in the exam, Xi’an examinee 10010 people, 1211 more than last year; Shangluo area 252 candidates, 190 candidates in Tongchuan area. Xi’an District enrollment is showing an upward trend year after year, this year for the first time exceeded million people, is one of the large area. This year a total of Xi’an International Studies University, Northwestern University, Shaanxi radio and Television University, Xi’an University of Arts and Science 4 test sites, a total of 349 test. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, to prevent tikao phenomenon, the first opening of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of justice examination safety management system. All the candidates before entering, to be photographed scene, face recognition, the two generation ID card identification device scan to verify identity information, and then through the cloud platform data comparison, computer confirmation of identity information before entering the examination room. 8 pm yesterday, the reporter saw at the Changan campus of the Xi’an International Studies University center, after the scan ID, each candidate must face the camera, the camera photos and computer automatic identity information photo alignment, display real-time data similarity, similarity with Gecai release. A long haired female candidates, security police have also been asked to dial long hair to the ear, was able to take pictures, recognition. At the same time, many new equipment monitor, shielding device, wireless headset detector set outside the examination room, to detect cheating signal blocking. It is reported that the national judicial examination results query time in late 11. By then, candidates can log on the official website of the Ministry of justice or the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of justice official WeChat query results. Through the national judicial examination personnel, will be issued by the Ministry of Justice legal professional qualification certificate. Related to the country’s more than 43.8 people apply for an average age of 28 years in 2016, the national judicial examination held on September 24th to 25, which is the national uniform judicial examination since the implementation of the examination of the fifteenth. It is reported that this year the number of people applying for the national judicial examination reached 58.8 people, an increase of 20%, the actual number of reference for more than 43.8 people. 24 journalists from the national judicial examination office was informed that the average age of the exam candidates at the age of 28, residents of Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan area for 1045 people, candidates apply for the use of national language papers are more than 1.2 people, accounting for 2.1% of the number of candidates. The country’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region set up a total of 249 test areas, 501 test sites, more than 1.9 room. According to Xinhua News Agency (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only to expand reading. In 2016 the judicial examination opening test make full use of technical means to prevent cheating in the exam相关的主题文章: