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There are three giant planets although scientists don’t know around the HD 133121A and HD 133131B of the giant planet specific situation newly discovered mysterious binary system, but they speculate that they like Jupiter, will constitute the gravitational effect on neighboring planets. The artist depicts the binary system. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, astronomers have discovered 3 a reality version of "TUTA for planet", more strange is the 3 giant planets around two stars running. These two unique binaries were named as HD 133121A and HD 133131B, they are very close to the distance of each other, the two stars are only 53 billion 900 million kilometers, the other 1/3 binary systems are separated by distance, this distance is at the same time, the compact binary system there are 3 giant planets. HD 133121A has two planets orbiting a star, is 1.5 times the size of Jupiter, another volume of Jupiter is half, they are in a unique eccentric elliptical orbit operation; another planet is 2.5 times the size of jupiter. When two stars are close to each other at a very close distance, the inner planets are likely to be scorched. It is very rare to find such a large planet, and the gravitational pull of the giant planets distorts the binary system, so they are not in a straight line, and the orbit of the asteroid is about 42 degrees. Astronomers have studied this strange binary system, which they believe will help to reveal how larger planets like Jupiter affect the structure of the planetary system. The astronomer Johanna – Carnegie Institute (Johanna Teske trust) said that this study will help reveal our solar system evolution. We will try to calculate the giant planets like Jupiter have a long or eccentric orbit, if this is the case, will provide important clues to reveal the formation of the solar system, may help us understand that habitable planets where. The concept has two "sun" from the science fiction film "Star Wars", Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine by hot stars light, has become a desert world. Although 3 giant planets newly discovered not necessarily like Tatooine, but probably day a long time, and very hot. The researchers used Magellan Telescope – Clare planetary exploration spectrometer analysis of the two stars, was surprised to find that the iron containing very low, they are very old stars, about 9 billion 500 million years of history, the main ingredient is hydrogen and nitrogen. Up to now, only 6 other low metallicity binary systems have been discovered. The latest study, published in the recent issue of the Journal of astronomy, Dr Teske said that the two stars in the binary system are likely to have chemical differences, it is like the twin brothers. It is possible that a star in the early part of the merger of a number of baby planets, so that it has a slight change in the composition, in addition, the gravitational force of the 3 giant planets may make small planets toward the stars. The probability of detecting all components of the binary system of stars is very small, it will become an important benchmark to understand the planet formation, especially the binary system!相关的主题文章: