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The martial arts expertise soldiers challenge monitor half a second faster still lost game cause accident – Sohu Military Channel why fast half a second lost sixty-fifth army brigade Game Analysis of typical cases to strengthen the consciousness of actual combat recruits in Washington in late October, the sixty-fifth army a motorized infantry brigade has a new thing: in less than two months the martial arts expertise soldiers Dong Shuai, tactical training field and monitor recruits "challenge", the results quickly half a second but lost the game. The brigade in a timely manner to take advantage of this opportunity to guide the recruits in the soldiers at the beginning of the tree from the real sense of urgency, a move aimed at the battlefield training, stick to combat training. The Dong handsome martial arts since childhood, a Kung Fu, came after the army, Liu Yang saw the monitor demonstration of tactical action although crisp, but didn’t pull the wind". A few days later, since that has "apprenticeship" officially "him to monitor the gauntlet". The contest day, tactical field was full of people, everyone wants to take a look at this old monitor play against recruits. At the gun, two people almost at the same time to drill into the barbed wire, to monitor Liu Yang first, then run by Dong handsome tie snake. The last obstacle ahead, Dong Shuai resorted to their forte: when he left the earth a "horse riding Chebi" quick buck, then ran up to the ridge before a stride jump in the past, with a "whole body suddenly a hungry tiger at its prey, it slid across the line end point. The last pinch table, Dong Shuai was 0.5 seconds faster than the monitor. The tourney field suddenly applause since four, but referee ruled: "Dong handsome recruits 0.5 seconds faster, plus 5 points, a 7 gun, minus 14 points, the final score of Liu Yangsheng." See everyone was puzzled, the scene immediately referee playback video: Dong Shuai crept forward, eyes and no eyes to the front, on the battlefield can not lie down to avoid enemy fire; snake run, line curvature is too small, easy to leave earth, aiming at; parts of the body exposed too much, the kill area increased…… Come down, if it is really on the battlefield, Dong Shuai than the squad leader was shot at least 7 times the chance. The two match results, make all the recruits sincerely convinced. "The army is to practice kungfu, Huaquanxiutui trumperies", it caused a stir in the whole brigade. The recruit training office as an opportunity to take a number of initiatives to strengthen the consciousness of actual combat: psychological behavior training in battlefield sound, the determination of wind protection training links, expand the courses to increase grenade throwing, shooting and perforating gun lying…… "Real" two words not only always hanging in all levels of training the backbone of the mouth, but also in daily practice and develop. The next step of the trip will be combined with the training process, the organization recruits troops into combat readiness level of observation and comprehensive exercises, to further build a strong army to fight, fight training new soldiers ideological foundation.相关的主题文章: