The media tries to make to Sun Zhongshan cut the connection on both sides xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The media: "to Sun Zhongshan" trying to cut the connection on both sides of the picture: Taipei Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall held "Sun Zhongshan and Taiwan" exhibition. Original title: Sun Zhongshan and Taiwan: a young generation of emotional forces "to manipulate qudan green" younger generation "to manipulate the emotions qudan green power" to the people on the island to talk about "Sun Zhongshan and Taiwan" [Global Times] November 12, 2016 Taipei special writing Taixi Chen was a great national hero, a great patriot, China democracy the great revolutionary pioneer Sun Zhongshan 150 anniversary of the birth of mr.. November 11th at 10 am memorial meeting held in the Great Hall of the people. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, will attend the meeting and deliver an important speech. Recently, the island of Taiwan also has several commemorative activities, such as Taipei held to commemorate the birth of Sun Zhongshan Enlightenment on the current cross-strait relations forum, Taipei Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall held the "Sun Zhongshan and Taiwan" exhibition held in Kaohsiung, "Sun Zhongshan and the public affairs forum" etc.. Sun Zhongshan and the "three principles of the people" were descendants of Sun Zhongshan as a "cross-strait common denominator", but in recent years, the "green" are trying to "to Sun Zhongshan", in order to cut the connection on both sides, they have some extreme anger. On the island of Taiwan, people of different ages and backgrounds look at Sun Zhongshan? Global Times special correspondent to do an in-depth investigation. The "father" s Office Exhibition in Taiwan on the island, it is easy to find Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s figure. To commemorate the 10 NT NT $100 banknotes in 2011 and the 100 anniversary of the revolution of 1911 issued currency, has a portrait of Sun Zhongshan. Taiwan also issued a special 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan silver coins. In Taipei, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei park, is the local people often go to public places. Taipei Zhongshan city hall on 50s and 60s is the century of Taiwan’s most important military meeting hall, is the people, with the place. In Taiwan, many counties and cities have "Zhongshan", "love" and so on to commemorate the streets of Sun Zhongshan. Kaohsiung city Fengshan district has a "Fengshan Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, built in 1964, is now basically become the place of theatrical performances. Kaohsiung also has Zhongshan University, namely Sun Zhongshan’s birthday anniversary on November 12th. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall "in the memorial hall and the the Imperial Palace in Taipei and Taiwan three famous scenic spots. In Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, you can see the mainland tourists excitedly gathering in crowds and groups. And the statue of Sun Zhongshan, when guards, there are a lot of tourists to see the relics carefully. Tourists from Guangdong Zhang Jun 60 years old this year, he and the "Global Times" correspondent about their feelings: "so close to see Sun Zhongshan Memorial honor guard guard, or for the first time, very excited! The Taiwan tour, visit the memorial hall of the most impressive. Sun Zhongshan is a great man, respected on both sides. Before I came to Taiwan, I wanted to know what Taiwanese people think about Sun Zhongshan. From the performance by the guards ceremony, solemn and solemn. Tourists busy taking pictures, but very quiet." According to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall staff Li Pingping 5相关的主题文章: