The number of bursts of Jiangxi ban cadres work is strictly prohibited to wear shorts and vest cancam

Jiangxi: the number of bursts of ban cadres work is strictly prohibited to wear shorts and vests the original title: Jiangxi, the number of bursts of ban, to the cadres "Ge You lies" surgery! Yuan Sidong not long ago, the provincial authorities to implement the "two a" learning education will promote the spirit of Jiangxi provincial units of Party members and cadres just signed the "provincial organs of Party members and cadres" ten no "undertaking". Recently, the Jiangxi provincial office, the provincial government office jointly issued the "work discipline requirements" for the provincial authorities, the provincial authorities of all staff (including temporary secondment, borrow, attendant and other personnel, than the previous ten allowed a wider range of objects) proposed ten work discipline. Plus after the office of the Jiangxi provincial government issued "on further strict implementation of the provisions of the central eight related matters notice" and the spirit of the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection "of Comrade Chen Yangxia to accept an invitation to dinner in a private club bulletin" etc.. Within a month, the number of bursts of Jiangxi ban, the formation of "combined" to cadres "Ge You lay" style of work. The density of the frequency, the intensity of the large, unprecedented. "The Jiangxi government information daily read" (micro signal: xxrbszb) noted that in addition to the provincial level, two counties also raised a multi sword, to mediocre, lazy, scattered style sword". It is forbidden to wear outlandish costume, dress work vest shorts recently, "Ge You lay" become a network of new terms, and set off all the people to imitate "Ge uncle couch" craze. For this pressure release, the cadres but for no ground for blame, "Ge You, lying is mediocre, lazy, synonymous, but the image is very indecent. In the work of discipline "provincial authorities requirements", "do not wear vests, shorts, slippers and outlandish costume work" of the ban, the provincial government workers caused widespread concern. It is reported that the province introduced ten work discipline to further strict work discipline, improve working style, establish a good image. As we all know, civil servants, their dress represents not only the personal image, but also on behalf of the image of government agencies. Appropriate dress can create a good image for the people, pragmatic, honest and efficient. Recently, the "people’s procurator" is a set of CCTV, is rare in recent years the drama, once broadcast by the audience attention. "The Jiangxi government information daily read" (micro signal: xxrbszb) remember premiere episode, female prosecutor Xia Jingru (Tao Yin ornaments) wearing a uniform standard the appearance, posture, and temperament, give a person a kind of dignity, integrity, to feel. This dress required 20 days ago at the provincial level, Fuzhou City, Linchuan district has issued a notice, clear personnel (including secondment, attendant personnel) what clothes to wear, should wear what kind of clothes (read the Jiangxi government had exclusive coverage). 8, Linchuan district office staff told a Hu Information Daily "Jiangxi government read" (micro signal: xxrbszb) said that in August 22nd, Linchuan district all cadres full implementation in place, Fu Keji (including deputy director) leading cadres above all put on the dress. "Dress up camp相关的主题文章: