The Prime Minister of New Zealand at 200 thousand national lazy and do not work long.

At the 200 thousand National New Zealand Prime Minister does not work: lazy and long-term drug U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of reference news network September 7th Taiwan media reported that the received radio interview with New Zealand Prime Minister John Ki pointed out that the day before, New Zealand each year because 200 thousand people unemployed, forced outward to recruit foreign industrial and agricultural workers to fill the gap of human, he believes, because there are a lot of people are lazy and long-term drug use, caused the country now faces the dilemma. According to Taiwan in September 6th when the electronic newspaper quoted the British "Guardian" reported that the Prime Minister of New Zealand John points out the current immigration policy is a great problem, they were forced from the islands of the South Pacific neighbors to recruit workers to fill labor shortage in industry and agriculture. This year, there are 200 thousand unemployed or unemployed population, but issued a 69 thousand foreign workers visa, so he can not understand and agree. Prime Minister John Ki said in an interview, "every time ask, they will always tell you that some employees are not through drugs, some think health problems, others do not want to work, it is the lack of willingness to work and performance." New Zealand’s horticulture and wine industry must be recruited from the South Pacific Islands each year, 9000 short-term contract workers, there are many young workers to volunteer for the New Zealand holiday Backpackers, he believes that this phenomenon is not normal. Reported that the face of the prime minister’s opinion, employers and employees to form different views. Many employers believe that they agree with John Ki’s argument, for now the New Zealand domestic labor frustrated, but those overseas short-term workers more and more willing to work hard; but the former Green Party members Berif to "shame" to describe John based speech, she thought the prime minister was simply a laissez faire attitude is contradictory to provoke labour between the leading opposition, the opposition Labour Party leader Littell criticized the John base, should take the initiative to help the youth employment and training of personnel, and not biased that new Zealanders are lazy or unwilling to work. Editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: