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The prime minister’s visit to New York | micro lens alert upgrade came news of April 21, 2016 – Prime Minister of Sohu, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, China Deputy Minister of foreign affairs, China’s group of twenty (G20) coordinator Li Baodong spoke at the UN General Assembly to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the high-level debate on the theme. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Muzi photo) development is a beautiful card in china. It is in China’s positive push, the G20 summit in Hangzhou for the first time put the development of the problem in a prominent position in the global macroeconomic policy framework. This time, the prime minister Keqiang personally presided over the Forum on sustainable development, the development of the concept of China referral and achievements, put forward new measures to promote global development, is to strengthen the role of China in international development cooperation in the lead, China responsible image further show. During the forum, China will also release a national plan to implement the sustainable development agenda in 2030, which will be the world’s first target, there are initiatives to implement the national plan. On the road to home court diplomacy, continue to enlarge the Hangzhou summit of the "home court" effect, China diplomatic skill really is more and more deep. [next move of Sino US relations "upper hand chess] every time to participate in the United Nations multilateral activities, Chinese leaders will be local to us diplomacy. The prime minister Keqiang to New York, with bilateral meetings with President Obama, also interact with the United States economy, finance, think tanks, media and other important people from all walks of life, every game is very interesting. Sino US relations in a delicate moment". On the one hand, the structural changes in Sino US relations accelerated; on the other hand, the United States election soon, some analysts believe that, regardless of who is in power, will adjust the U.S. policy toward china. In the Sino American relationship adjustment "Eve", the prime minister Keqiang with the United States from all walks of life have contact, is to move under the upper hand chess guide, after the U.S. presidential election policy to develop more in line with the common interests of the two countries.相关的主题文章: