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The rate of sperm deformity as equal to the stalls things? With the application of WHO fifth version of the semen routine standards, Sohu, many men of childbearing age to get semen examination results often reflect "what? My sperm deformity ratio is so high? Can I have a baby?" "These abnormal sperm can cause fetal malformation?" , based on this problem, the author in this detailed interpretation of the "sperm abnormalities". First of all, what is the definition of malformed sperm? According to the fifth edition of WHO sperm morphology analysis standard, less than 4% of the normal morphology sperm deformity. In general, the shape of normal sperm, such as tadpole, can be divided into the head, neck and tail. But the human sperm can abnormalities, these abnormalities of sperm under the microscope showed the pear shaped head, of odd shape, such as head, double tail (Figure). Indeed, according to the fifth version of the standard to determine the normal rate than version fourth will be low, this is because the new criteria than the old version of strict many, like the students take the exam, if the test is very difficult, naturally we scores are low like this can also explain the patients often ask the normal rate before me the 50% problem "to the 4%, now how to?". So, what are the effects of malformed sperm? The high rate of sperm deformity can cause fetal malformation? These abnormal sperm usually have some functional defects, they are difficult to break the barrier of the egg, and can not let the egg fertilization. In every sexual life, there will be hundreds of millions of sperm into the female vagina, most of them just in abnormal sperm into the vagina is eliminated, only a small part of the sperm to swim to the egg "travel over land and water", and eventually fuses with the egg to form a fertilized egg is only that one of the most strong. Of course, if the sperm abnormality is too much, will significantly reduce the normal combat of the proportion of sperm, effective sperm number will be significantly reduced, so that the probability of his wife pregnant becomes small, so just reduce the probability of pregnancy in sperm deformity. It has been found that the increase in the rate of abnormal sperm deformity does not lead to an increase in the rate of fetal malformations, the highest incidence of fetal malformations in the first three months of pregnancy. In the meantime, if pregnant women taking drug hazards (antibiotics, hormones, such as nerve with reproductive toxicity), exposure to toxic and harmful environment (smoking, pesticides, and radiation) or infection of certain pathogens such as virus, will directly endanger the fetal organ development, resulting in fetal malformations or developmental hysteresis. So, even if the sperm deformity rate is too high, the fetus will not necessarily deformity. However, there are a small number of patients with abnormal sperm deformity at the same time there is a high rate of sperm DNA fragmentation, chromosomal abnormalities and other diseases, may cause miscarriage and fetal malformation rate increased, should pay attention to timely screening. How is spermatozoon disease caused? Stay up all night long, smoking, drinking and other bad habits, or long-term radiation in high temperature, toxic material and working environment, have or with epididymitis and orchitis or seminal reproductive glands infection, or with varicocele and other factors may cause teratozoospermmia. Improve the deformity of sperm相关的主题文章: