The sexy goddess Christy Chung out of shape, it is what to wear hot eyes! (video) diamondprox

The sexy goddess Christy Chung out of shape, it is what to wear hot eyes! Since Christy Chung married 12 years younger than their Zhang Lunshuo, may be the nourishment of love, putting a lot recently, many netizens said that the outfit is too spicy eyes. Grey long sleeved jacket looks into the belly is particularly large, plus ripped jeans too casual at some procrastination ~ Christy Chung the black dress, if fat people do not try, or look the upper part of the body is particularly bloated. The movement of wind coat collocation sweet pleated skirts, what is this? I really don’t have the feeling of a curve. This black jacket with tight pants, really fat people do not learn, because it looks very thick thighs ah. Just look at Christy Chung before you know beauty! Christy Chung’s neck hanging white skirt, the chain looks very ably plus waist, looks the whole people would be more tall. This white backless color skirt, is really very sexy, transparent material looming very sultry, plus the fishtail skirt was very significant. The black and Christy Chung collocation nude, looking at the above printing is very attractive to the eye, looking at the chiffon dress is very Xian qi! This pants bra, bra watch design is very sexy, but the trousers neat, people is the spirit of handsome ~ Tommy Hifiger designer to interview: Gigi is my goddess!相关的主题文章: