The smell of fish mouth Street Street – Sohu and fragrance drop dead diva

The smell of fish mouth fragrance Street Street – Sohu and the period of the Republic of China, with the Great Wall in the Great Wall is outside the home. In the flames of war decades, decades of generous war. The Republic of China, there are three Huangpu River, Qinhuai River, peacefulness, mellow champagne, lady of the bosom of the Persian cat, turntables in bursts of Zhou Xuan singing, the generals wore uniform starched holding glasses laughing, ladies dressed in elegant cheongsam, gathered in the side came the laughter. The recovery is not possible, we can only shake the passion between a little had this feeling, like this restaurant Street fish mouth, has been to restore the Republic of style, especially the study production of traditional dishes, such as the taste, now in the sunshine earth is famous. In November 8th, the old fish mouth and opening a new, half off temptation you’ll be tempted? Well, I’m not going to 50 percent off of them! The old fish mouth · Dong Tang Pinghetang store grand opening; Changsha address: Yuhua District of Shaoshan City Road East Tang Pinghetang 6 floor. November 8th full court dishes 50 percent off; in November 9th the audience dishes 40 percent off; in November 10th the audience dishes 30 percent off. Till, abacus, jacket, lanterns, embroidery, posters… Here everywhere, the nostalgia here most incisive, infinite feelings. A grand and magnificent historical background, there are feelings of Jiangyuan marketplace rich flavor, drinking, eating and chatting, but had a free life, until now, still so casual and comfortable. Read the time picture, we remember the heavy history, in the depths of love light fragrant, elegant and comfortable flowers occasionally encounter, the corner, the season came to the Republic of China, the quiet beauty of silence. One hundred years ago, customs, people’s eyes and memory for a long time still aftertaste. Through the streets of the Republic of China, fish mouth like a quiet classical beauty, how handsome, frivolous, simple, elegant, lighting, color, music, deep and shallow simple printed on memory, blooming in the quiet corner of the heart. The old fish mouth, the recommended index assumes this fish mouth is a very small minority of the specialties, is now doing this dish, not too many people, but we are so familiar with the word of mouth fish. The old fish mouth broke, taste of shrimp taste snake dishes of monopoly Changsha. The founder of the store after repeated experiments for 7 months, do 1000 times the fish mouth, have research and development, behind the sad and hard generally difficult to understand. Fish mouth with lips part in hundreds of pounds of fish to pick a fish mouth, the traditional, looks very appetite, love spicy people love. This is a bowl of fish mouth smells fragrant, taste spicy flavor, soft taste and aftertaste, homely and everlasting, eat you can remember it, next time will come. Mao Braised pork in brown sauce, the recommended index assumes Mao Braised pork in brown sauce. Also known as Braised Pork,Mao’s Family Style, is a color, flavor and taste of the traditional dishes in Hunan, we almost no love. Mao Braised pork in brown sauce with pork as the main material, sugar, cooking wine for seasoning baked. By the end of 7 he相关的主题文章: