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The so-called persistent feelings of truth – Lama Sohu of tourism in the Tibetan Buddhist temple, every evening, the monks will gather in the temple square sitting together in a question and answer that question about Buddhism, in the form of perhaps a lot of people have seen deep memory. I feel the Kumbum Monastery in Xining first, later removed to pull Bo Leng temple in Gannan, more close to this debate, the debate also has some intuitive understanding. In the evening, walking in Labuleng temple and temple of the building color appreciate beauty, imperceptibly come to Labrang Lama debate on the square. In a piece of brick covered on the ground, has continued to gather some lamas, and more than and 10 young Lama standing height, in their own way for every corner of the monks, gradually open a collection of hundreds of monks. I know what’s going to happen, but I’m still excited. The monks automatically divided into several groups sat on the floor, the questioner stood up, clapping stomping, transform a variety of gestures, frequently ask around, you need to quote the classics, calm response. The debate is a discussion of Buddhist knowledge, as well as a learning style of the monks. In the debate, they clap or urge each other as answer, or pull with the power of Buddha beads to challenge each other, the purpose of all this is the pursuit of truth. In the square is filled with clapping and questioning voice, jeers, and ignorance that freshness will let us stop to watch, to see a serious attitude and the spirit of perseverance. For a long time can be called a discussion of academic exchanges, lamas gradually dispersed, leaving only a crowd of onlookers, perhaps they are still quiet in the atmosphere. The monks are honest people, adults, have children, this is their belief, but also their lives, we need to respect the local custom, respect the faith, with a pious into their world. Micro-blog: WeChat fly ————————————– Zhou Yang: introduction zhouyang16 ————————————– Author: tourism media, hotel, sleep tester, sina Jiangsu Photographers Association member China photographers Baidu tourism where the network Ctrip way cattle donkey mother the same way and other tourist sites, tourism Master traveler.相关的主题文章: