The Summer Palace has a speaking tour guide unofficial rumors historical palace fighting drama – in sweets parade

The Summer Palace has a speaking tour guide "unofficial rumors historical palace fighting drama" Beijing "saw Ci Xi cried tears, Emperor Xianfeng very heartache, gave Ci Xi a seal, saying" a world spring ", meaning who is around you regardless of the emperor, Ci Xi is always the most important in my in the eyes of." CNR network Beijing on September 18th, according to voice of China News reported that this description comes from a travel guide. In the the Summer Palace, outside the platform renshoudian on the north and south sides respectively have a pair of copper copper dragon, Phoenix carved on the base and a spring "mark. The tour guide spoke exactly the origin of the five words. But according to the the Summer Palace full-time instructors introduced, "these stories are fictional, but" a world spring "is to commemorate the Empress Dowager Ci Xi and Emperor Xianfeng love story, as you are the most important" legend in my heart forever, without any historical basis. Aspect comments: unofficial rumors, Xinmayoujiang, in a joking attitude towards history, at first glance, hit off, but everyone knows that the history of both bearing a nation’s past, revealed the future of a country. Modify and apply freely, both sorry ancestors left this legacy, but also more fragmented from the future to the future of the bond.相关的主题文章: