The upcoming Sydney concert epic Sun Zhongshan by governor of new network – Congratulations 66814

The upcoming Sydney concert epic "Sun Zhongshan" by governor of new network Yu Junwu (right) – congratulations to all the actors in the meaning of "Sun Zhongshan" tells the story of the rehearsal. Cong Yongquan, October, (reporter Lai Hailong) to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr., Sydney City Hall theatre will be launched this month on the grand grand concert on the eve of the 16 "", "". Mike, governor of New South Wales. Baird sent a special message for activities. Baird said in the message, very happy to be best wishes for all people to participate in activities to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan. Baird said that New South Wales lived 370 thousand Chinese, they made a great contribution to the culture and economy. This activity will be held and now we gather together, rich and diverse culture, enhance social harmony, the state government will insist to give strong advocate, and wish Sydney Huaxing Art Troupe held a success. It is reported that the show is Sydney Huaxing Art Troupe last year commemorate the victory of World War II creation "because after we look back and cherish peace" of a large-scale production. The head said, Sydney Huaxing Art Troupe Aohua Federation President Yu Junwu told reporters in Sydney, Mr. Sun Zhongshan on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the birth of hosting a large-scale activities, its important meaning is patriotism, inherit and carry forward the memory of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, the revolutionary will and enterprising spirit. The global Chinese efforts to struggle for the realization of one heart and one mind, "Chinese dream". Yu Junwu introduced, epic concert "Sun Zhongshan" is divided into three movements, the party through classic poetry and song a song sung merged into nationalism. The 300 actors from Sydney Huaxing’s western Chinese Chorus, glee, chorus, chorus, the Yellow River St Georges Beijing chorus and recite the art troupe and star famous singer. Epic concert "Sun Zhongshan" is sponsored by the Sydney Star art group, South Media Group, B1 group, exclusive sponsorship, support the Chinese federation.相关的主题文章: