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The wind off injured trees 3 cars who should ask for compensation? (Figure) – Beijing, August 25th 6 pm, Yuhong District residents Liu Mingyuan YADU came to the roadside parking car outside the North District, found a roadside tree was broken down the middle, with his car, a total of 3 vehicles were injured! The damaged 3 cars, the remaining 2 cars only scratch, car roof Liu Buick car with the car smashed with cover. Liu introduced the location of his car parking is a parking fee, pay 150 yuan a month. Find out of the accident, he immediately found the car, the car man told him, if the vehicle is cut or is drawn, the car belongs to the responsibility, can give Liu compensation. But this accident belongs to natural disasters, the car is not negligence, so no compensation. Can not find the responsible person, Mr. Liu had to call the police. Police came to the scene to view the situation, but also linked to the garden department. Garden Department staff came to the scene, will handle the broken branches. Because there is no moth or necrosis tree at fracture trace, staff speculation, a tree may be folded by the strong wind. Who should pay for the car? A person in charge of Yuhong District landscape management office told Mr. Liu, this kind of natural disaster, according to the relevant provisions, if Mr. Liu for the insurance, the insurance company to pay 70% of the loss, the remaining 30% of the losses borne by the landscaping department. If Mr. Liu is not willing to take the insurance, Landscaping Department can compensate for 70% of the loss. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Qinghai intern reporter photographer Shen Sheng相关的主题文章: