There are at least 45 deaths and 110 injuries in a series of bombings in Damascus. Is is responsible ghost observer

The Damascus bombings at least 45 dead and 110 injured IS responsible for the Sohu news [global network reporter reports Chashi] according to CNN (CNN) reported in January 31st, three explosions occurred in the Syria suburb of Damascus. A statement circulated on the Internet says that the Islamic state (IS) terrorist organization is responsible for the incident. According to the Huffington post, the explosion killed at least 45 people and injured 110 people. The Prime Minister of Syria Vejle Kyrgyzstan (Wael al-Halqi) Halle? The "massacre" incident response. Haligi said, "this desperate and cowardly terrorist attack is aimed at inspiring the morale of the terrorist organizations after the defeat. Before then, our heroic army has won many and important victories." A Syria interior ministry official said a group of terrorists detonated a car bomb at a bus stop, followed by two suicide bombers attacking onlookers and doctors. It is reported that the explosion occurred in the Syria suburb of Damascus Saida Zainab? "(Sayeda Zeynab), the town because of an important Shiite mosque named. In addition, the bombing happened just when Syria President Assad and the opposition representatives prepared for dialogue to solve the important moment of the civil war in Syria.

大马士革发生连环爆炸至少45死110伤 IS对此负责-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 查希】据美国有线电视新闻网 (CNN)1月31日报道,叙利亚大马士革郊区发生一起三重连环爆炸。一份在网络上流传的声明称,“伊斯兰国”(IS)恐怖组织对此次事件负责。   另据美国《赫芬顿邮报》消息,爆炸造成至少45人死亡,110人受伤。叙利亚总理瓦埃勒?哈勒吉(Wael al-Halqi)对这次“屠杀”事件进行了回应。   哈勒吉说:“这次绝望且懦弱的恐怖袭击,目的是在于鼓舞战败后恐怖组织的士气,在此之前我们英勇的军队已经取得了多方面、重大的胜利。”   一名叙利亚内政部官员称,一伙“恐怖分子”在一个公交车站引爆了汽车炸弹,紧接着又有两名自杀式炸弹袭击者向围观者和医生发动了袭击。   据悉,本次爆炸发生在叙利亚大马士革郊区赛达?宰纳卜镇(Sayeda Zeynab),该镇因一座重要的什叶派清真寺得名。   此外,本次爆炸事件恰好发生于叙利亚总统阿萨德与主要反对派代表准备对话解决叙利亚内战的重要时刻。相关的主题文章: