They all looked at me with a new set of drinks. – Sohu reshacker

They all looked at me with a new set of drinks. Sohu believe that every cool girls are keen to drink it, after all, this is in addition to the "best beep -" thing! Of course, this weekend at home to drink alone is not in the discussion list, after all I Mount Everest of the ice snow lotus is the rose, indulge in self-admiration ~ today, Shanghai famous old driver master V taught a few strokes, the next time you and partner party package so they salute. Last Card a lot of people like to brag when drinking, perhaps a new way to play cards. Don’t worry, Roulette is dirty, in accordance with the original play, will get in the body is brains. Who am I? Usually the first question is thought-provoking: am I a man or a woman? · · James ] bond; bond; hang up 91 people "Thunder Valley" should be carefully chosen. Don’t jump monkey at home to play, it would degenerate into alcohol ape. Marlboro man Marlboro man probability even to very high, this should be the most healthy activities can bring the smoke. Who Medusa is my eyes lock, this deadly fire petrified me. Edward heard that Johnny bottle hand · Depp is playing the game, ridden scissors hand man to play this, not cheating? Of course, compared to the pure funny game, I still love ~ ~ Leo Wang dicebox text & Vincent illustration | Jiaqi Dylis picture | network design |相关的主题文章: