This beer machine with fingerprint recognition can tell you who drank the most (video)-660003

This beer machine with fingerprint identification can tell you who drank the most beer who drank? Beer Machine tell you the Tencent digital news (Wen Xin) according to the Kickstarter website, Beer Machine allows users to use fingerprint to take in the refrigerator of beer, and can record the user and user friends drink beer. Beer Machine is the perfect answer to the eternal question: where is the beer? Beer FF application can record the user drink or put back the beer. With advanced software and hardware, Beer Machine allows authorized users to drink ice beer. By default, all beers are treated equally. In other words, if the user drank 10 to listen to beer, you need to put back to listen to 10 beer. In this mode, the system does not distinguish between users drank 10 to craft beer, put back the 10 to brew beer by supporting the application of the user; the Beer Machine is set to "monetary model" (Monetization Mode). In this model, each brand and capacity of the beer is specified at a price, the user bill in the dollar count. Take 1 to listen to the ice beer is very simple. Put your thumb on the fingerprint sensor and select one of the four types of beer on the touch screen. Kickstarter, Beer Machine can record the user’s daily consumption of alcohol. It also shows that the number of users (less the number of beer beer users back more than the number of drinking beer) or user (the number of users owe beer to drink more than back beer). Users can also activate a number of features, such as number or time limit, email alerts, brand restrictions, and music volume limits. It is easy to register a new authorized user. HD camera for new users to take pictures, used to make icons. Fingerprint sensor can scan the selected finger fingerprint, and memory up to 119 fingerprints. The user can specify the following parameters: special sponsor: if a user does not replace him to drink beer, an existing user will be assigned for him (her) to replace the beer. For example, I was my father’s sponsor, because I expect my father I won’t bring beer here. Fingerprint authentication: users can trust other users for their handling of beer. With this option, please take a beer to Rick John for himself, John is still using the fingerprint login themselves, but choose the icon in the beer before taking rick. Beer Machine will show: John for Rick to take the number of beer drinking beer, Rick will increase 1 to. Minors: such users can only drink non-alcoholic drinks. Kickstarter said, Beer Machine is the core of automatic vending machine with cold storage function, the brain is running Windows IoT, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connection raspberry pie computer. Fingerprint sensor provides two-way communication function, can store 119 fingerprints. Beer Machine integrated with a 13 inches touch screen, high-definition camera with wide-angle lens. Source: Kickstarter recommendation: concern Tencent.相关的主题文章: