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This maintenance watch strap you know? Lead: even if you are careful, wearing a summer watchband also have a good maintenance look, the hot summer sunlight, moisture on the skin perspiration, serious will give you the watchband bring loss, especially the delicate leather watchband. Different materials have different watchband maintenance method, we teach you how to care at home watch strap. (source: GQ man   Author: Lin et al;   source: GQ man network)   the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! Leather Watchband leather Leather Watchband is a delicate, sensitive biological materials, daily wear will certainly have to wear, it is expendable, under normal circumstances the life of 6-12 months, no need to die trying not to put. In order to extend the service life, it is necessary to use and maintain. Louis Vuitton Hermes.jpg, to avoid the Leather Watchband with water, oils, solvents and cleaning products or cosmetic contact, prevent premature aging or discoloration of leather material. Avoid exposure to humid environment, so as to avoid the color distortion, watch strap. Avoid long time in the sun, it will cause adverse effects on the color and quality of watchband. Omega try not to wear summer belt, sweat will accelerate the aging of the watchband. If you find the watch strap black, smelly, has been cracking, the best solution for a new. Rolex metal watchband suggestions for daily wear watches for a clean, every six months, the specific methods: first, use a soft brush with thin soap and water wash chain after rinse with water, and then use soft dry cloth to wipe away the. If wearing a watch to swim in the sea, to flush the watchband with warm water, to avoid corrosion in seawater. Carl Bucherer according to the appropriate adjustment of wrist watch, can reduce the wear of metal bracelet. Dry with a soft cloth to wipe the wrist watch, don’t watch on the radiator to dry, do not use hair dryer. The gold watch chain gold bracelet is prone to scratches and depression, thus affecting the appearance. It is recommended not to collect and wear watches and jewelry, such as Kong Kong Bodhi hand string. Oris rubber watchband should avoid contact with nail polish and long time exposure in the sun. Water, add medicament pool water are corrosive, if not rinse with water after swimming watch, it will damage the rubber material. Daily maintenance can use soap and water, use a soft brush to wash, and then rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.相关的主题文章: