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This Sunday, she to Shenzhen chat with you, CSIM female sports economics ShenZhen Railway Station – Sohu technology 10 days ago, a not allow men to participate in the marathon race ended in the late autumn of Beijing, composed of thousands of women’s army dominated the Garden Expo, overwhelming pink color, smiling, and rose Manicure service. The medals, all the emphasis on gender attributes the women’s marathon. This is not the first time Chinese women enjoy similar treatment, the last two years, including Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places have held a special women’s marathon race. International Olympic Committee in 1981 before the adoption of the women’s marathon resolution, Chinese women first appeared in the marathon in 1988. Although the history of Chinese women’s marathon is less than 30 years, but this does not prevent them from becoming the mainstream in the current events. In China, people have been accustomed to the female athlete Li Na as an activity of the finale star, also used the female athletes Fu Yuanhui boarded the cover of. A few months ago, the Rio Olympic Games, by Lang Ping, Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi led the women’s volleyball finals to become the focus of competition, real-time ratings even more than the finals of the 2014 World Cup finals and finals of the second round of 2013 AFC Champions League and The Voice of China in the first quarter. Women are becoming a major force in the sports industry, and not just in the sports arena, the Rio Olympic Games, international talent executive search and consulting firm SRi released data show that the number of women entering the work of the sports industry increased by 19% than in the past. This trend has been well validated in Chinese, more and more women in the sports industry and key positions, such as body aodongli Ren Wen Zhao Jun, bloomage international country today Johnson, Chi Mei group. Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba has expressed gratitude to female users in a women’s Forum: Alibaba 70% of buyers are women, and 55% of the sellers are women. I would like to thank women, without you, Alibaba can not be listed in New York." In sports, female consumers have also been placed on an unprecedented height. This position from the Chinese women’s sports concept and the concept of fitness is changing surprising, sports fitness has become a fashionable way of life, like lipstick and heels, sports has become the new darling of women. At present, single identity China women apparently not satisfied with the sports consumer, so more and more women entrepreneurs in the field of sports, women’s health, women’s culture around the start of the article. The sloth bear sports journalists, with a large number of female sports entrepreneurs dealing with, generally feel their female sports entrepreneurs have affinity, thinking and aesthetic products, polished and meticulous, strong communication skills, compressive ability even more than men. In accepting the sloth bear sports news, many investors have said, optimistic about the women play in the sports market in the role of women in certain areas, the advantage is obvious. Women are playing a unique role in China’s sports industry, and more different from the past, they are no longer相关的主题文章: