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Those who say that children with good, you must not be born son! Sohu before mother Liu Xiaobao four years old, I never really cared about the difference of raising daughters. What "Construction Bank and China Merchants Bank", what "the poor child rich daughter," what is the daughter of intimate small cotton padded jacket, the son married daughter-in-law forget Niang "such remarks, I always do not bother. A bunch of friends a dad in my home, an aunt said: "you say what is the difference between a son and daughter? Online said, raising her daughter only two days of pain — one is that she is two, she married that day, all the rest is happiness. Son is happy two days – one is the day he was born, and the other is the day he married his wife, all the rest of the two." Another uncle, who loves to joke, came out and said, "who said that?! He married that day, that I gave him to buy a car, buy a house, send the bride price, the life savings are to take into account, I don’t feel happy!" Aunt laughed and said, "Oh, that’s just one day." It wasn’t until Liu Xiaobao was four or five years old that I really felt like I had a son. Colleagues said that every day she came home from work, her daughter will be the first time to come up and kiss her, said: "Mom, I love you." My colleague smiled happily. I work at home, hiding behind the door armed bear children shouting out, scare me to death, he is still suffering from the shock of the occasion, "bass" to pass up a stick: "Mom, you villain, we fight!" I cried happily. At that moment, I do not think the character is destiny, clearly is to decide the fate of sex. Another with me the same sad reminders of the old man, watching other people’s hair circle of friends, daughter in the mother’s day for the mother to do a greeting card, personally wrote: Mom, you worked hard. He also went home to cheek for his son: "you are on paper for mom and dad to write a blessing." Bear children inside a long time after carrying out a piece of paper, buddy husband excitedly took it and found that the above impressively write: Ni de PI Gu La Shi the moment I feel I am not myself. Besides living. Boys sleep more than girls are not honest. If you have a son who has a good sleep, you will be thankful for the incense. According to my rough statistics, during the Liu Xiaobao years to three years (one year before do not want to full of tears, I mean) up every night to cover the quilt of urine 1-2 times, 10-15 times, when he was three years old, I often night was cuff and kick 8-10 times, in his sleep he was a fly kick stars, serious temporary blindness. Since then I develop a defense position to hold the head for the knees. Often listen to me say these, he slept like a pig like father, always disagree: "which is so exaggerated! A four or five year old child, how much effort? You are too squeamish." Until one night, I heard Liu Xiaobao’s arm with a PIA playing in his father who, after half a minute, his father is very worried to pushing me fast! Toilet paper! Toilet paper! My nose is bleeding! The pain is not what really maddening is that he often)相关的主题文章: