Three Gorges reservoir water for 7 consecutive years to play a comprehensive efficiency of 175 – Chi vidalia

The Three Gorges Reservoir 175 meters for 7 consecutive years to play a comprehensive benefits – Beijing         Beijing, 1 November Xinhua (reporter Zhu Jun, Wang Hao) in November 1st 7, the Three Gorges reservoir water level reached 175 meters, storage capacity of 39 billion 300 million cubic meters, marking the 2016 test of Three Gorges Reservoir Impounding of the successful completion of the task, which is the Three Gorges Reservoir since 2010 for 7 consecutive years, achieved the goal of pilot water 175 meters, has laid a solid foundation for the Three Gorges project to give full play to the comprehensive benefit of flood control, water supply, power generation, shipping, ecology etc..         according to the introduction, 175 meters is the normal water level of the Three Gorges project. Every year in the Three Gorges reservoir impounding flood, in the dry season and flood season and the gradual release of spare capacity, to maximize the benefits of flood control, power generation, water supply etc..         since late July, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River water continues to dry, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River accumulated to 79 billion 300 million cubic meters of water, 30% less than normal. National headquarters, Ministry of water resources, considering the Three Gorges downstream and upstream reservoir group in water storage and water demand, ensure water storage and ecological security in the region and downstream to complete the task, both to ensure the smooth implementation of the Three Gorges Reservoir Water 175 meters, but also to protect the smooth transition of discharge.相关的主题文章: