Three guess the stock market after the holiday and coping strategies or about rising rates

Three guess the stock market after the holiday and coping strategies: or probably rate rising trend conjecture: the festival of A shares or about rising rates? Specific reasons: Friday in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened after a slight rebound, because trading activity is low, volatility index is not obvious. On the surface of wine, fertilizer, aerospace, home appliances, security gainers. Overall, in September the overall stock index fell more than 2.5%, turnover also hit a monthly low since the Spring Festival, there is no doubt that the market had expected to miss the market "Kim Gu". So, "silver ten", we can hope? Analysts believe that a series of heavy economic data will be gradually released in early October, economic growth is expected to optimistic; October A shares lifted the market value of only about 30000000000, a record low for the year. Institutions generally expected after the national day, A shares will probably rise rate, the fourth quarter of the first half of the window is still rebound. Strategy: Guangzhou Bandung believes that in October lifted the number of shares is low for the year, the U.S. presidential election in November, is expected to raise interest rates in December, signs that October is a good time for the main force. The capital market layout conjecture: three quarterly advance by stocks or by the time the main funds sought? Description: shortly after the National Day holiday, three quarterly disclosure of listed companies will be launched. According to the "investment express" reported, has been released in the three quarter results notice of 1118 companies, 752 forecast to achieve net profit growth or losses, accounting for 67.26%. Agency pointed out that with the passage of time, the market will gradually enter the three quarter of the market speculation. Coping strategies: the analysis thinks, the market has turned to good development prospects and the three quarterly pre hi performance of the company, the three quarterly market is expected to become the next round of potential hot spots, some of the three quarterly advance by stocks tend to be the main funds sought to outperform. Before the expected results for the three quarter growth rate of top three companies are Ryan (000662), solar wisdom (000591), Hualian Holdings (000036), net profit increased by 54598.27%, 43334.06%, 27060.78%. Hot conjecture: shale gas industry welcomed the favorable policies related stocks or benefit? Reason description: in September 30th, according to the National Energy Bureau, the National Energy Board issued shale gas development plan (2016-2020), deployed to vigorously promote the scientific and technological research, divided into exploration and development, strengthen the construction of hierarchical layout, national demonstration area of shale gas to improve the infrastructure and market of four major tasks. According to the plan, 2020 target 3500 meters to mature neritic shale gas exploration and development technology, to break through 3500 meters deep sea facies, Continental shale gas and transitional facies of shale gas exploration and development technology; policy support in place and market well situation in 2020 and strive to achieve 30 billion cubic meters of shale gas production. Coping strategies: card Hang Seng said, shale gas is Chinese strategic emerging industries, shale gas exploration, development and production will help to improve the overall energy structure of China. At present, the development of domestic shale gas core technology is mature, the 2015 national shale gas production 4 billion 471 million, an increase of 258.5%. In 13th Five-Year triggered the plan,.相关的主题文章: