To Chengdu students cheated scammers posing as a 89 year old veteran of the war paintings Cash – Bei havd707

Students to the new network of crooks posing cheated Chengdu 89 year old veteran of the war in Chengdu in November 4th – cash paintings, Jinjiang District Arch Bridge Street District, 89 year old war veteran, retired teacher Wang Ance, staring at her home in an empty wall sigh. Previously, there is a hanging "Jinjiang spring map", he spent several months to complete the creation of. However, in more than half a month ago, a middle-aged man came to visit, claiming to be Wang Lao’s student, now is a company manager, want to help the teacher to complete the wish for many years — held a personal exhibition. After that, the "student" to invite some big names to entertain guest, bought cigarettes on the grounds, cheated elderly 2500 yuan in cash, two pieces of proud paintings, disappeared. About the incident, Chengdu many enthusiastic people, through the circle of friends of WeChat relay will encounter Wang Lao diffusion, hope people can see, to help veterans find paintings. "Students" to help the teacher to process an art exhibition in October 14th 8 in the morning, near the back arch bridge street a old district, a middle-aged man wearing a suit, carrying a box of apple, knocked on Wang Ance’s door. "I’m here to see Mr. wang." After opening the door, the man claiming to be surnamed Chen, Wang Lao is the 85 session of the students, specially returned to Chengdu to visit the teacher, conveniently put the apple on the table. Wang Ance said, took part in the expedition to fight back, then continue on to college, and later taught in a middle school in Chengdu, taught Chinese, history and other subjects, until 1989 before retirement, has taught many students before, occasionally there will be students come back to see him. "It must be very exciting to see a student here." Wang Ance said, perhaps because of his age, he really did not think of the students. "He said he is now the head of a company in Guangzhou." The students looked at the wall of his house on the paintings, said that by Shi, know the teacher always loved painting, hope I can hold a personal exhibition for him, "I wish for many years exhibition." That Taiwan cheated elderly paintings cash two people meet, talk, Wang Ance took out his favourite work themselves – "Jinjiang spring map" to the "students" appreciation. "It was a few years ago, and I spent a few months to finish it." Wang Ance said, there are people who bid ten thousand yuan to buy." The enthusiasm of students, to see it again and again praised, immediately decided to raise an exhibition. "He said to invite some big names in the." But then, Schmidt, undaunted, "said no cash, inviting players to buy some good smoke, hope the teacher to borrow, let the Secretary back later." Wang Ance touched his body only 500 yuan in cash, but the students shook his head is not enough. Subsequently, Wang Ance went into the room, took out 2000 yuan in cash, a total of 2500 yuan was "to him." Talked for a while, he said the time is almost up, about good names to come. Before you go, take the "Jinjiang spring" and another picture, saying that it is necessary to invite people to appreciate it, to talk about the exhibition. Information is not"相关的主题文章: