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"To reading a lot of" why can fool the middle class? Sohu – Taiwan scholar Wang Caigui China reading visual information with the revival of traditional culture, folk classics is gradually rising, which is the most influential scholar Wang Caigui of Taiwan and the implementation of the "honest reading a lot of methods" (editor’s note: basically refers to let the children a large amount of reading classics, do not make too much explanation). Recently, media reports of Wang Caigui reading method and the problems caused concern. It is worth noting that the first of the reading way to protest and opposition, is to participate in the reading of their parents. Have to say, these parents are most Chinese middle class, there are ideas, dare to try, to understand those things in the reading circle ". When their children have problems, these parents in various public voice platform, so there is a "reading method of dispute". This was the controversial "children reading" and "reading classics" once again went in the teeth of the storm, become the focus of public controversy. No matter how the problem was not the key argument, it is necessary to deal with the fuzzy — Reading Confucian classics reading errors must be corrected in a timely manner. Read the Confucian classics, shaping the gentleman personality, this is the dream of many people diligently strive after. The dream must become people daily air plant, road, and not with the weird things way for willful, to achieve a beautiful dream. Reading is very important. It determines the actual effect to a great extent. The implementation of Wang Caigui’s "honest reading a lot of criticism" is, is not filled in between its dream rift and the actual effect, it will be the Confucian classics and other religious texts in the mix, brainwash children, regardless of whether the child is willing to accept, regardless of whether the child can accept. Children out of the problem, parents panic. Some parents throw evidence, with bad effect to question this set of reading methods, hoping to seek justice. Instead, wait to be evasive: outside to dream covered the actual effect, to do a lot great plan and noble ambition. What the hell is going on here? That is how to send their children to participate in "honest reading a lot of parents? All the signs indicate that this is a special method of reading a lot of honest "is a problem. "Reading" is a life-saving doctor. The doctor studied medicine, Xuanhujishi, this is the duty is the duty. The doctor of medicine is very important. When the patient met a doctor, miaoshouhuichun, everyone will praise; when the patient met a quack, a diagnosis and treatment, we will fire. No sane person would not blame the quack technique medicine, more patients will not be angry at this unfortunate doctor occupation, but through specific channels to pursue the responsibility of a quack. Similarly, against wrong reading methods, reading is not equal to the opposition. We are very clear that only the individual parties deliberately confuse the public. When you focus on "honest reading a lot of" right and wrong, there is a reflection of the sound is very loud, that is we should pay attention to the parents of those children. Why do these people send their children to be honest?.相关的主题文章: