Two Maozei steal Cordyceps worth hundreds of thousands of generous points to eat a treat

Two Maozei steal Cordyceps worth hundreds of thousands of points to eat a generous treat recently, on suspicion of theft suspect Liu was arrested so far, Jiaxing Xiuzhou wangjiangjing area together involving more than fifty yuan worth of theft case cracked, the value of 20 million yuan stolen goods have been recovered. According to Liu explained, the evening of July 5th, he drove a small donkey through the town of Wang Jing Li near the town, found that a factory building office building is relatively advanced, I thought it should be a piece of fat". Happen to money Liu move crooked mind, fearing a crime to cope, he called a friend Hemou, let him help the lookout. On the evening of July 8th, two people came to the office building and turned into the wall. They found that there was a window on the first floor. Enter the office building, also found that from the first floor to the third floor of the door almost all open, and smoothly. Two people like mice fell into migang, began collecting all kinds of baby. Two people took five or six boxes, five or six boxes of Cordyceps from sea cucumber, a refrigerator box office in Lubian, took nearly more than 50 "Chinese" cigarettes and 3 "and the world" cigarettes, and bottles of Moutai wine, bedroom with a pair of OMEGA watches, a Dituo watch and a sword, and a few set of RMB and other things. After the incident, Wang Jiangjing police station in conjunction with the North criminal investigation team police immediately launched investigation on the case. But because of the video surveillance in the room installed earlier, the picture quality is poor, can only see two figures shuttle in the room, can not see the face, the police can only open his path. After more than a month of investigation, he finally arrested the suspect Hemou from Suzhou. After Hemou account, he is mainly responsible for the lookout, and the Capitol and steal from Liu completed. In order to find Liu trace, the police went to Yunnan, Guizhou and other places to carry out the investigation, and finally arrested Liu in September 6th. When asked about the stolen goods, Hemou said it was mainly divided into a number of cigarettes and Cordyceps, because they do not know how to sell, they own the Chinese, eating Cordyceps, but also to the cigarette and Cordyceps workers on the site to eat. In this way, the value of hundreds of thousands of Cordyceps bought by Hemou generous guests. And Liu Mouze returned to his hometown of Guizhou, on the Internet for a consignment line, with the price of 53000 yuan a pair of omega watches and a Dituo watch sell, call Hemou 10 thousand yuan, the rest of the money he took a gamble abroad, lost his shirt back home. Police advise: theft cases occurred frequently with the awareness of the masses is weak, awareness is weak, more easy to let the suspect swoop. In the case, the factory windows are not closed, providing great convenience for suspects. The workshop is best to be guarded at night, the factory building which nobody takes care of as far as possible installs the high definition camera or the alarm, also can put glass slag on the iron wire net of the plant wall surface, this can have certain anti-theft effect. The installation of cameras and alarms should be regularly maintained and updated.

两蟊贼偷得虫草价值几十万 大方请客分了吃了近日,涉嫌盗窃的犯罪嫌疑人刘某被抓获归案,至此嘉兴秀洲王江泾辖区内一起涉案价值达五十余万元的盗窃案告破,价值二十余万元的赃物被追回。据刘某交代,7月5日晚,他开着小毛驴经过王江泾镇黎里附近时,发现一家厂房里的办公楼比较高级,心想应该是块“肥肉”。手头正好缺钱的刘某就动了歪心思,又担心一人作案应付不过来,便叫了朋友何某,让他帮忙望风。7月8日晚上,两人来到了办公楼,翻进围墙,发现一楼竟然有一扇窗户没有关。顺利进入办公楼后,又发现从一楼到三楼的门几乎都开着,进出畅通无阻。两人就像老鼠掉进了米缸,开始搜罗各种宝贝。两人从冰箱拿了五六盒冬虫夏草、五六盒海参、一盒鹿鞭,办公室内拿了近50多条“中华”香烟和3条“和天下”香烟,还有几瓶茅台酒,卧室里拿了一对欧米茄手表、一块帝驼手表和一把宝剑,还有几套可收藏的人民币等其他东西。案发后,王江泾派出所民警会同北片刑侦队民警立即对该案展开侦查。但由于房间里的视频监控装得比较早,画面质量较差,只能看到两个身影在房间中穿梭,根本看不清脸,民警只能另辟他径。经过一个多月的侦查,终于将犯罪嫌疑人何某从苏州抓获归案。经何某交代,他主要负责望风,而踩点和行窃是由刘某完成的。为寻找刘某踪迹,民警远赴云南、贵州等地开展侦查,终于在9月6日将刘某抓获归案。当问起赃物时,何某称其当时主要分到了一些香烟和虫草,因为不知道如何脱手,便自己抽起了中华,吃起了虫草,还将香烟和虫草分给了工地上的工友吃。就这样,价值几十万买的虫草被何某大方地请了客。而刘某则回到老家贵州后,在网上找了一家寄卖行,以53000元的价格将一对欧米伽手表和一块帝驼手表卖了,打给何某1万元,剩下的钱都被他拿去国外豪赌了一场,输了个精光回了家。警方提醒:盗窃案件的发生常常与群众的防范意识薄弱有关,防范意识薄弱更容易让嫌疑人趁虚而入。该案中,厂房窗户没有关,为嫌疑人提供了极大的便利。厂房最好晚上有人看管,没人看管的厂房尽量安装高清摄像头或报警器,也可以在厂房墙面的铁丝网上放上玻璃渣,这都能起到一定的防盗作用。已安装摄像头、报警器的,应当定期进行维护、更新。相关的主题文章: