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U.S. media: Iran had threatened to shoot down U.S. reconnaissance aircraft carrying 33 people – two Beijing Beijing September 13, the Fawkes news channel 3 quoted defense informed sources reported that Iran had in September 10th in the United States threat shot down two reconnaissance aircraft approaching the border of the country. According to reports, in September 10th, a plane carrying 9 passengers P-8 Poseidon (Poseidon) EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft aircraft and a plane carrying 24 crew members from the Iran coast 13 miles (over the country’s territorial waters extending 12 nautical miles from the coast). The United States aircraft by radio to warn the shot in risking danger. U. S. soldiers are indifferent to warnings and continue to fly in international airspace, even though they are very close to Iran. The United States Department of defense on behalf of the answer about why the United States aircraft so close to the border with Iran said: "we want to test the reaction of iran." Earlier, the United States has repeatedly condemned the Iran Clippers in the Persian Gulf is too close to the U.S. ship, at least the United States had been to the surface of the water to shoot as a warning.相关的主题文章: